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Henry’s Fork #8 Foam Golden Stone Fly Pattern Kit



One fly that has been impossible to keep in stock is the new Henry's Fork Foam Golden Stonefly designed by Mike Lawson. It's the deadliest Golden Stone pattern we've found and it not only works on the Henry's Fork but also other surrounding waters including the Madison, Gallatin and the South Fork of the Snake. This special pattern kit features everything you'll need to tie at least a dozen flies. This kit includes 12 Size 8 TMC 5212 hooks, 1 spool UTC #170 Gold Thread, Black Pearl Crystal Flash, 2 mm Cinnamon Fly Foam, Opaque Brown Razor Foam, Life-Cycle Nymph Dubbing Ginger, Golden Olive EP Fibers, Barred Pumpkin Silly Legs, and 1 Size 8 Henry's Fork Foam Golden Stone dry fly. The receipe for this fly is featured in Mike's latest book, Fly Fishing Guide to the Henry's Fork. If you have your own hooks you should be able to tie at least several dozen more flies with the material in this kit.