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Ashton Dam Project Update

Sep 8, 2011 | Mike Lawson

We've become aware that anglers are starting to catch wind of the recent work being performed on the Ashton Dam tunnel. Conerncing the situation, Kim Ragotzkie with the Henry's Fork Foundation said...

"I’m sure you’ve been hearing the reports of dirty water below Ashton Dam.  Although sediment in the river is never a good thing, keep in mind this project had to be done.  The turbidity levels are well within the Idaho Department Environmental Quality requirements for the project. 

When they first fully opened the bypass tunnel, there was one big sediment spike, but by now, it has already cleared up significantly.

During the coming weeks there may continue to be brief spikes of turbidity and increased flows below the dam. However, if sediment mobilizes in the reservoir, outflows will be reduced to control sediment.

I’ve put some current information and photos on the HFF website. Click on the Latest News item about Ashton Dam on the bottom of the Home Page, and it will take you to the updated information."

Recent photo of the Ashton Dam project