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Fly Of the Month

Dec 5, 2019 | Todd Lanning 79723a28d1d2faf319c3894da5a4234cd202cddc_350x350.jpg

Foam Beetle


Anybody who is serious about fishing on Spring Creeks has a beetle selection. It’s a must have. In our area beetles work just about everywhere. Simply put make sure you have some beetles in your fly box. You can fish beetles blind but if you have a stubborn rising trout in front of you, try a beetle. I think you will be very happy with the results. You probably have success with a beetle just about any time you fish. However I have had my most success from mid-summer throughout the fall. One thing I really like about Lawson’s Beetle is the orange indicator tied in the top. Beetle patterns without a indicator tied in are very difficult to see on the water. When you look at a beetle you will notice they are iridescencent. Peacock is a great natural material to match this. I would have beetles tied from a #10-#20

Hook: #10-20 TMC 100

Thread: 6/0 Prewaxed

Body: Peacock herl

Back: Closed –cell foam

Legs: Krystal Flash fibers

Indicator: Bright Orange 1/16-inch closed cell foam