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Lazer Midge

Dec 5, 2011 | Mike Lawson

Winter has set in here in Island Park so its time to sit down at the vise and start preparing for the spring fishing just a few long months away. I'll be doing my best to showcase different flies over the course of the next several months.

This fly comes to us from emeritus HFA guide, JD Miller, who is recently married (to a beautiful and sweetheart of a woman who is too good for him) and now wears a shirt and tie to work while sitting behind a desk in Boise. JD is still a dedicated angler and tier who I can proudly say taught me much about our local waters here in Island Park.

He first learned about the Lazer Midge in late 2007 when he started guiding the Colorado River at Lees Ferry during the winter months. It was created to imitate the emerging midge pupa that hatch in the shallow riffles at Lees Ferry and is a staple pattern on that river. This simple fly has proven to be especially effective in the Box Canyon and on the Madison River in late fall and early spring when the midges are a staple food source. For a different look try tying this fly with olive thread and a black Krystal Flash rib. It makes a great, easy to tie Beatis nymph. When I do get back on the water one of the first flies I will tie on is a Lazer Midge and I suggest you give it a try on your home water as well.

- Jake Wells

Lazer Midge
Hook: TMC 2487 (sizes 18-20)
Bead: 2.0 mm Silver Tungsten for size 18 & 1.5 mm for size 20
Thread: 8/0 Grey Uni Thread
Rib: Pearl Krystal Flash, counter wrapped
Notes: Coat the body with Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails to add durability