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Fishing Report

Sep 14, 2017 | Todd Lanning Brown_and_Hopper.jpg


While the evening fishing has slowed down somewhat the late morning /afternoon fishing continues to be solid. As the weather continues to cool, I would plan on some amazing fall fishing. If you were around at this time last year, you know exactly what I am talking about! Great hatches of both blue wing and mahoganies and large trout up eating them. Hooper patterns are still working in the Ranch and I would continue to fish them until we get a ground freeze or two.

Box Canyon


The Box has not changed much. Flows remain steady and the fishing has been fair. Again look for the box to really pick up as the we make the transition into fall. I like to focus on streamer fishing the Box this time of the year. As I have always said I like make sure I have a good color selection of my favorite pattern. I really love to fish zonkers and I have them in olive, white and copper. I also have them in a crystal color. I don’t stick with the same color to long if I don’t a chase or an eat. If your headed to the box anytime soon I would stick with the usual collection of small beads and hopper droppers. Also keep an eye on the flows as the it may drop next week.

Lower River


Warm River to Ashton seems to be the hot spot. Streamers seem to be the ticket. Look for some big browns and rainbows chasing sculpins and woolly buggers. Make sure you also have some small beads with you. A #18 two bit hooker fished behind a #12 black rubber legs will turn some fish. I would not be afraid to hopper dropper rig that stretch. Keep an eye on the weather as blue wing are in the very near future.

South Fork

The south fork continues to fish well. Congratulations to Zach Peyton. Zach was the top Idaho guide and overall winning guide. Another successful one fly. The South Fork has been fishing great. I would make sure you have plenty of small bead heads. Two bits and zebra midges have been the ticket on the South Fork. A handful of streamers is also a good idea. Zoo Cougars and dungeons to name a few. Look for pmds and mahoganies in the riffles.



Fishing on the Teton has been very good this week. Stick with typical large foam attractors and bead heads but as weather continues to cool down watch for the large drakes to make an appearance. Again look for the change in the weather to really turn this river on.


Madison has begun to fish well. The walk/wade section is the place to be on the Madison as of late. I would streamers and small beads. Can’t go wrong with the two bit hooker. I said it one and I am going to say it again, as the weather changes look for the Madison to really turn on. I visited the Barnes Holes last weekend and found that there are in fact some lake fish that have made it there. I shared the lower Barnes run with three other anglers and we all hooked a fish or two. I did okay fishing a crystal zonker. This area of the Madison should also just keep getting better and better.



If you are planning on being in the park any time soon I would focus on a couple of spots. In the Lamar valley I would fish both Slough and the Lamar. Look for the big green drakes to arrive with the cooler weather. If your fishing Slough I would start at the camp ground and work down river. If your planning on fishing the Lamar, I would keep an eye on the weather. The Lamar can quickly become unfishable if the rain starts. If you’re in the Hayden valley then fish the Yellowstone. I have had great streamer fishing on the Yellowstone River this time of the year.

Area Lakes

Its the time of the year when Henrys Lake really turns on. We have been having some great days on Henrys Lake this past week. I would focus fishing where creeks are running into the lakes. Scuds and small bead heads have been working very well. Hebgen also continues to fish very well.