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Fishing Report

Apr 23, 2018 | Todd Lanning 20180423_120800.jpg

Box Canyon


The box is still a no go as far as access goes. You can drag a boat down there but driving down is just not an option yet. If you want to walk down and fish, snow shoes is a good idea. As of today the water coming out of the dam will go up to 1100cfs. The flows will fluctuate to match inflow this week. Plan on seeing flows as high as 1500 in the next couple of weeks. Keep a close eye on the flows if you’re headed this way. If the flows look steady for a couple of days then don’t hesitate to come on up. Stop by the shop and get some #10 rubber legs and some #16 olive zebra midges. I would also suggest some streamers. A coffee sparkle minnow is a great choice in the off colored water.

Lower River


Weather is a major factor on the lower Henry’s Fork. Run-off has begun. I drove the river from St Anthony all the way up to the Warm River access yesterday and I can tell you the water is off color and the fishing was tough for the folks floating. Most of the folks that were wade fishing were looking for risers and those guys were finding fish. There were blue wings and midges and we are seeing the beginning of the mother’s day caddis flies. Yesterday I parked at the Warm River access and walked up river from the bridge on the river right side and found some clear water. The fishing on that side of the river was great. I found some average fish rising on the banks and they were happy to eat a #16 Hemingway caddis. I also had success with #10 brown rubber legs and a #16 Duracell nymph. I would watch the weather and the flows if you’re heading up anytime soon. Hopefully cool nights and average temps will slow the runoff. Don’t be afraid to leave the boat at home and do some scouting around.

South Fork

I wish I could tell you what is going on with the South Fork. Flows this weekend were around the 20,000cfs mark but looking at flows today it down to 17,000cfs. The Palisades reservoir is at 47% of capacity and the snow is melting. I would think we will see another bump in flows before it’s all over. I do think we will be fishing the South Fork before the end of July this year, fingers crossed.



The Teton is also on the rise. As the warmer temps slowly creep into our area plan on the Teton to continue to rise. I will say don’t be afraid to fish the Teton this time of the year if it’s off color. You can find some truly large trout fishing streamers. I think the Teton this year will come into shape sooner than it did last summer. Stay tuned.


I would focus on the walk wade section of the Madison. Fishing has been consistent through-out the walk wade section. I would come armed with the usual. Rubber legs and lighting bugs. The water in the float section is clear but the fishing has been tough. I would plan on seeing mother’s day caddis very soon on the Madison.