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Fishing Report

Sep 2, 2018 | Todd Lanning Rainbownet.jpg



The Hopper fishing in the Ranch continues to be amazing. Still plenty of caddis around and still seeing pmds. This last week was cooler and I saw a few blue wings around. This week forecast looks like warmer during the day but still getting cool at night. No rush to be on the water. I would have hoppers and beetles. I still have not seen the honey ants in good numbers but maybe with the warmer temps. The tricos are still here in good numbers. I like the #18 double wing trico. I would also have some callibaetis. This is my favorite time on the ranch, from now until it closes. Some of the best ranch fishing is yet to come!

Lower River

Not a whole lot of new info for the lower river. Warm River to Ashton has still been fishing well. I would suggest a hopper dropper. Have the usual assortment of small beads. The #16 or #18 red zebra has been deadly. The Ora bridge down to Chester is best fished in the mornings and then again in the evenings. I would have Hoppers and again, small beads. The river from fun farm down has also been fishing well but you will run into a lot of aquatic vegetation floating through mid-morning. A #10 black rubber legs works well. I like the #8 sweet grass hopper fished tight to the bank. I would also not be afraid to fish streamers on the lower river. We got a few to eat the #4 bling yesterday.

South Fork


The South Fork fishing remains strong. Again I would make sure to have plenty of hoppers on hand and also mutant golden stones. The riffles are on and off. I would make sure you have the usual assortment of pink Albert’s and I would also add some #16 purple haze to the arsenal. This is the time of the year to do an early morning trip. I would have some Berrets goldens and remember to cast them in tight on the bank and then skitter them off the bank. Fish this pattern across the riffles as well and twitch it. The Jackson Hole One fly is next weekend. Thanks to all who have donated both time and money to a worthwhile charitable event that gives back to the river. Good luck to guides and contestants alike.


I don’t have a lot of new information on the Teton. The non-fishing public on the Teton should start to slow down as school is back in session. I would stick with the hopper dropper combination and as it starts to cool the drakes should start to show up. A #10 royal chubby is a great attracter pattern on the Teton. If you can time your trip on the Teton with an overcast rainy day, I would break out the streamer box. Copper zonkers and sparkle minnows are getting some love on the right day.



The news on the Madison is hoppers! Lots of hoppers. A #8 pink thunder thighs or pink morrish hopper will work very well on the Madison. I would also have some tan hoppers handy. Look for blue wings on the overcast days. The caddis are starting to fade in the evenings but the nymph fishing remains solid. I would fish a #18 black or brown zebra with a #16 electric caddis.

Yellowstone Park

The weather has been a bit of a challenge in the park as rain storms have had an effect on the Lamar. If you’re planning a trip to fish the North West area of the park, keep an eye on the weather and check the flows. If you want to have some reel fun, grab some hoppers and beetles and head for the Yellowstone River. Sight fishing for big cutties is about as good as it gets. Folks always look at me funny when I tell them this, but swinging flies in the Barnes pools is really good right now. The crowds have not shown up and the fishing has been consistent. If you have ever had the urge to get into the trout spey game now is the time. The Madison in the park will fish great from now until the park closes. It’s a great change of pace and your chances of finding a truly large fish are very good.