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Fishing Report

Mar 21, 2019 | Todd Lanning 825.jpg

Box Canyon


While the flows in the Box are enough to float, access is difficult to say the lease. You can float if you must but it will require a snow machine to get your boat down to the access. If you have a raft or personal pontoon you could drag it down from the top to the put in. It would be some work but it is do-able. Regardless of how you get to the access, once down there the fishing will be good. There are a few fish up eating midges during the heat of the day and the nymph fishing has been great. I would have a good selection of mall bead heads. 16 and 18 cocktail nymphs and zebra midges will do the trick. I like brown and olive. If you like to swing flies, the stretch from the put in down to the first corner has been really good. Swing matuka’s or zonkers. I like olive or natural.

Lower River


Boat access is an issue for sure on the lower Henry’s Fork. I have seen a few boats putting in at the Ora Bridge and taking out at the Vernon access. If you plan on doing that be advised, the take out is going to be a job! You will need 200 to 300 feet of rope and some real determination. The good news is that you can actually catch fish on the Henry’s Fork without a drift boat! The wade access is great all over the lower river and the fishing has been very good. Watch for spawning beds on the lower river. If you notice bunch of clean gravel on the bottom of the river and fish shooting off in all directions that’s a spawning bed. Those eggs that are being laid this spring will turn into trout that you will have a shot at next year so for now leave them alone. Watch for fishing eating midges in the soft water. I usually stick with the tried and true Griffith Gnat. I fish a 16. Remember it’s a midge cluster so don’t be afraid to fish 14 or 16s. They are easy to see! Small bead heads are also very effective. Once again swing some streamers. There are some great runs on the lower Henry’s Fork. Break out the trout spey and have some fun!


​The Madison has been fishing very well! The wade section has been fishing well with small zebra midges, San Juan’s and smaller rubberlegs. The dry fly fishing seems to be best mid-morning. Access is still an Issue at some of the ramps so scouting out the take out is always a good idea. The good news is, once again you can also catch fish on the Madison without a boat.