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Fishing Report

Jun 27, 2019 | Todd Lanning graysonnnnn.jpg



The Ranch continues to fish well. It has been day by day however. The weather has been a factor for sure this year. Strong winds and below average temps have affected the hatches. I have seen a few days of good green drakes up here in Last Chance and then the next day nothing. Pmds and plenty of caddis around for sure. Smaller fish are eating everything in sight. You may need to put a little time and effort into finding a bigger fish. That’s ok. That is what makes the Ranch so special. It’s not Mickey Ds, no instant gratification on the Ranch! You got to work for them. The Evenings have been consistent. Look for the brown drakes to make an appearance anytime, maybe as soon as this evening…maybe not. Spinners and caddis are one the menu. A 14 or 16 rusty spinner has been working very well and a 16 Hemingway caddis will also work. Hudgen’s spinner and some flav spinners are also a must have.


The box came up this week. Current flows out of Island Park Reservoir are 937cfs. The reservoir is above full pool so we may see it come up again. I don’t have a ton of new info for the box. Have the usual nymphs for the top end and have golden stones as well as green drakes for the bottom half of the float. Fishing in the box has been solid and should remain that way for the summer.

Lower River


The lower Henry’s Fork continues to fish incredibly well. Green drakes and grey drakes and a ton of them. I would also continue to fish golden stones down there. I would have green drake duns, cripples and emergers. Spinners are a must have as well and you won’t find one better than Hudgen’s drake spinner. If you can make it to the river in time to catch the hatch then make sure you have plenty of caddis on hand for the evenings. As far as nymphs go….I think you’re going to have the time of your life down there fishing dry flies. What else can one ask for?



The Teton has really come into shape. Grey drakes and green drakes are thick on the Teton. I would also make sure to have flavs with you. Once again you don’t have to tie on a bobber unless you really want to. In that case make sure you have some 12 pheasant tails and runt stones with you.



The Madison is cooking but it may still be a minute before they start seeing the big bugs over there. I have heard that nymphs are crawling down around Ennis but can neither deny or confim that information. It’s always been super tough for me to leave fish to find fish so as you can imagine I have not left the crater for a while. Keep an eye on the Maddy however because it’s going to go at any time! Water is still a little high and green.

Yellowstone Park

The Fire Hole continues to fish well. Pmds, White Millers and tan caddis. It’s getting close to that time of the year when you may want think about hitting the water earlier and calling it quits sooner. Water temps on the Fire Hole are on the rise and stressing trout in the midday heat can be an issue from here on out. The Madison in the park is not much different as far as hatches go. The nymphing had been solid put plan on sorting through some white fish. I love whitties! They put a bend in the rod and that face is ugly as sin! The Gallatin is fishing well in the park but is still high and lower you get the worse it gets. Slough creek and the Lamar are also still high. It might be a bit before those two come into shape.