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Fishing Report

Jul 7, 2019 | Todd Lanning myboy.jpg



The Ranch has continued to fish well. The brown drakes are around and it just depends on the night. Some evenings have been great. Some have not! If the weather moves in and temps drop then head home. I was out last night and it seemed promising. The first channel was empty not a soul around. Brown drakes were plentiful and I was happy. I thought to myself “this is too good to be true.” That was about the time the wind and rain came in from the South and it was all over but the mosquito bites. Mornings have been good with the green drakes and flavs. There are plenty of caddis around. Don’t forget to have a few yellow sallies in your kit.

Box Canyon


The rubber hatch in the box this weekend has been the best I have seen in recent memory! I saw a flamingo that seated 8 and must have been 8 feet tall. I saw a bucking bull that seated one. I even saw a sponge bob square pants floaty in the box. Despite it all the fishing was good! The top nymph has been the #16 Frenchie. I would also make sure to have #16 olive bullet quills. There are also fish looking up for golden stone so don’t be afraid to dry drop the bottom half of the box canyon.

Lower River


I would say things are starting to slow down on the lower river a bit, however I would still say that the fishing is good! The green drakes and grey drakes are still around and pmds have been solid. There are still a few golden stones on the lower river. Spinner falls have also been very good. I would make sure to have some #16 splits Ville rusty spinners. Flav spinners are also a good idea. The caddis hatches throughout the river system have been great.

South Fork


Salmon fly maddens has hit the South Fork. The adult bugs are on the lower end but I have heard of adults being spotted above the Wolfe access. Green drakes and yellow sallies are plentiful and pmds are also in select spots. The river has been holding steady at 15,000 cfs. If your heading that way make sure you have Henry’s Fork foam stones and don’t forget rubber legs!


The Teton has been good some days and bad other days. The flows are all over the board on the Teton. Today the flows are 962 cfs but appear to be getting higher. Streamers fishing has been effective. The Cheech leech has been working very well. Bullet quills under a purple chubby have also caught some fish.



Things are off and running on the Madison. If salmon flies are what you seek, I would start looking around Lyon’s. Its dry fly time on the Madison. Look for green drakes, yellow sallies and pmds. I would also look for caddis. I think just about anywhere you want to go on the Madison will fish well. If nymph fishing is your game make sure you have plenty of rubber legs. Sounds like the streamer game on the Maddy has slowed some.



I don’t really have a lot of new info for the park. I still think it will be a little time before slough and the Lamar come into shape. It’s been a cooler than average summer and things are more on the old school schedule. I like the old school schedule personally. Reminds me of my childhood. When these rivers come in to shape however it will be glorious! The Yellowstone River in the park will open July 15th. No felt in the park and for the love of God, stay clear of the buffaloes, Grizzly’s, cow elk with babies and hot pots!