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Fishing Report

Jul 14, 2019 | Todd Lanning Lamm_Rain_bow.jpg



The Ranch continues to fish very well. Mornings have been good. Look for flav spinners and green drakes. Make sure you have some sallie patterns with you as well. The caddis in the ranch are thick! I like a #18 peacock spent partridge caddis. A Berretts flav spinner has worked very well! There are also plenty of pmds around. It’s basically bug soup in the ranch and there are plenty of targets around. I bet it just keeps getting better. I would plan on seeing flows to increase by the end of the week or early next week.

Box Canyon


The box fishing has improved this week. As far as pattern go I don’t have a lot of new information. I would have bullet quills, red necks and frenchie’s. I would nymphs the top end and dry drop the lower half. There are still golden stones around. There have been some bigger trout caught in the box this week but as always plan on sorting through a lot of smaller trout.

Lower River


The lower Henry’s Fork has definitely slowed down some. Still plenty of good fishing to be had but the dry fly fishing really slowed. Mornings and evenings have been the best time to be on the water. I would make sure to have plenty of caddis and rusty spinners. There are still a few goldens around so don’t be afraid to fish with some foam golden stones. I am betting real soon that the hopper fishing on the lower river will get really good!


The Teton is coming down! There are sallies, goldens and pmd’s. The crowds on the Teton are not too bad yet so if you want to avoid mass crowds of people and boats, the Teton is a great option. I would have Henry’s Fork gold foam stones, #16 tan stimulators, and some #16 tilt wing pmds. Caddis patterns are also a good idea



The Salmon fly madness has also found its way to the Madison. The fishing has been great. The bulk of the big bugs are at lyons. The caddis and pmds are also out in force. Look for green drakes as well. Have the usual selection of Salmon flies with you. I would also have make sure to have rubber legs and some caddis. I really like to fish partridge caddis emergers on the Madison in the evenings. Have some #10 hair wing green drakes with you to. Hudgen’s spinners and #16 rusty spinners are also a good idea.

South Fork


Salmon fly madness time on the South Fork. The South Fork is has come into play in a big way! Pmds, sallies, green drakes and salmon flies. I don’t think it can get much better than that! As far as sections go, pick your poison. I don’t think it will matter a whole lot. If you want to get away from the crowds on the South Fork then the upper is your best bet. I am sure the canyon stretch over this coming weekend is going to look like rattle snake rapids at lagoon on a hot summer day! Be patient and be good to one another. If you need a little space on the river. I would make sure you have plenty of ammo for the South Fork. Foam Stones, stimulators and pmd patterns will work well. Make sure to have some green drakes with you and plenty of rubbers legs.


The fire hole has slowed down for sure unless you’re fishing above geyser basin. I would be on the water early and be wrapped up by noon at the latest. The Madison in the park fishes well in the mornings and evenings. Look for white miller’s pmds with a smattering of blue wings. The Gallatin is fishing well with plenty of caddis around. The Gibbon is also a great option. The Yellowstone River in the Park opens on Monday. No felt and stay out of the hot pots. Keep in mind that any large animal with a baby will most likely try to kill you if pressed so give them a wide berth.