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Fishing Report

Jul 23, 2019 | Todd Lanning millgate.jpg



The Ranch seems to be improving by the day. I am afraid to say it to loud but it seems like the wind is calming down some and it’s acting a little more like summer up here in the crater. I would make sure you have pale morning duns. 16 and 18s. No hackle and tilt wings have been working well in the mornings. Rusty spinners and flav spinners are a good idea I would also make sure to have some yellow sallies in your fly box. I have been using a 16 tan stimulator and trimming all the hackle off the bottom of the fly.

Box Canyon


I don’t have much new info for the box. Flows out of Island Park Res are 1260 cfs and I would guess we will see some fluctuation over the next week or two. I would have some some golden stones as there are fish looking up. As far as nymphs go stick with the usual fair. Bullet quills and zebra midges are always a good bet as are smaller rubber legs. This a great time of the year to put the boat on at first light and do a streamer run. You will have the river to yourself and I bet you will be happy with the fishing results.

Lower River


Temps are coming up and summer is in full swing! The lower river is still fishing. I would go armed with hoppers. Size 10 and 12 hoppers will get some attention on the lower river. If you have some time before or after work then make sure you have some caddis. The caddis hatches this summer have been epic. As the day heats up you will want to drop some nymphs off the hoppers. I would have some split case pmds and bullet quills. A 16 redneck is also a good idea. As the water warms try to get the fish landed and released quickly.

South Fork


The riffles in the South Fork have been fishing very well! Pink Alberts are occurring daily. The yellow sallies are as thick as I can remember. A tan or yellow stimi has been working very well. Pink no hackles and hi-vis rusty spinners will work for you in the riffles. There are still some Salmon flies around and plenty of Golden stones as well. As far as nymphing goes, zebra midges and bullet quills drop under the ole purple chub will get plenty of action.


The Teton has been fishing very well this week. I think things are just going to get better and better on the Teton. Look for pmds and there are still some gray drakes around. The caddis in the evenings have been thick! I love swinging Mike’s caddis emerger on the Teton in the evenings. Rusty spinners and small purple or yellow chubbies will work. If you find yourself on the lower river make sure to have some hoppers! I would stick with 10s and 12s



The entire Madison is fishing very well. I am sure you may think I am nuts but there are still plenty of large fish looking for goldens and salmon flies. There are also plenty of caddis and pmds around. I really like a 16 tilt wing pmd and once again Mike’s tan caddis emerger. The streamer bite has not been amazing in my opinion but what do I know?



Time to turn some attention to slough creek and the Lamar in the park. If solitude is what you seek, you will not find that on either one of those rivers. However the fishing has been solid. I would probably give the Fire Hole and the Madison a break during the day time. Water temps are on the rise. One spot I really like to fish is the Gibbon. If you get up in the meadows the fishing can be as techniqueal as you want. There are some big brown in the meadows! The Yellowstone River has been fishing very well. Look for salmon flies, goldens and green drakes.