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Fishing Report

Aug 9, 2019 | Todd Lanning twat_brown_trout.jpg

Box Canyon

Plan on seeing flows in the box come down this week as peak irrigation is behind us. Flows are currently around 1000 cfs. The graphs will say 1400 but because of the weed growth around the gauges they are inaccurate. There are still fish looking up for golden stones and hoppers. I don’t have any cutting edge new info for you as far as nymphing goes. Stick with the ole dependables bullet quills, red necks and zebra midges. Don’t forget the rubber legs.



The Ranch has really been fishing well this week. Hatches of pmds have been occurring daily. I would still have not seen the honey ants around but I am guessing that should be right around the corner. The caddis hatches have been amazing. We have also seen a few hoppers around and the trout are eating them. On the cooler overcast mornings fishing has started a little slow but be patient and you will see the hatches later in the day. I would have #16 and #18 pmd no-hackles. Make sure to have plenty of rusty spinners handy. I have them in sizes 14-18s. Small #18 spent partridge caddis are also a great idea. I would have some smaller hoppers. The Henrys Fork Hopper #10 is a good one. As always make sure to have some beetles in various sizes.

Lower River


Hopper time on the lower Henry’s Fork. I would stick with sizes 8s and 10s. The near nuff hopper is one of my favorite hoppers from Ashton on down. You will also have some luck dropping a bullet quill. The caddis are also still plentiful on the lower river. It’s also a good time of the year to start streamer fishing. Mini blings and zonkers have been turning some big fish.

South Fork


If you have been thinking about a day on the South Fork, now is the time for sure! It has been very good. Banks, riffles and flats have all been fishing very well on the South Fork. Look for pmds and golden stones. There are still yellow sallies just about everywhere you look. You can fish just about any way you want and have a successful day on the South Fork. We fished a purple chub with a 14 olive bullet quill on the banks and did great. We fished 16 pink no-hackles in riffles and also did great. I was surprised at the lack of boats on the South Fork. Maybe we just hit it at the right time of the day but I didn’t think the river was that busy for how good the fishing was


The Teton has come into its own. Dry fly fishing has been great. Look for fish eating pmds and rusty spinners. Don’t be afraid to use chubbies on the Teton. Purple or royal chubbies have been working. Duracell nymphs have also been producing on the Teton.


The Madison is still going strong and the dry fly fishing continues to be amazing. Pick your poison on the Maddy. Pmds, Golden Stones and caddis should get you into plenty of trouble. Don’t forget about yellow sallies. Crack back pmds and yellow sallie nymphs have also been working very well. Sounds like fish are starting to chase streamers as well. The Hopper fishing on the Madison has been really good!


The Yellowstone River in the park continues to fish very well. Golden stones pmds and flavs are on the menu on the Yellowstone River. Slough Creek and the Lamar have also started to fish very well. Pmds and caddis are thick. Also hoppers will work well for you. The Gallatin has also been fishing well. Pmds and yellow sallies have been working well. Don’t forget some golden stones. I would bring plenty of deet if you’re hitting the Gallatin as the biting flies are feasting. I feel like I have covered this in the past but don’t pet the bison, they don’t like it.