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Fishing Report

Aug 29, 2019 | Todd Lanning Big_Fish.jpg



It’s been a crazy summer here in the crater. The last week of August things have always traditionally slowed down in the crater, this year the tradition is the same. Traffic slows down somewhat and everybody gets a breather. As far as the fishing goes things have not slowed down. I think this year the fishing in August has been the best I have seen in the years I have been up here. Lots of big fish in the ranch and the hopper fishing has been amazing. Look for tricos and callibeatis. I would also have Mike’s honey ants. The Mornings have been a little on the chilly side with temps dipping down to the mid-30s so I don’t think there is any rush to get on the water.

Box Canyon


Things in the box have not changed much since my last report. The aquatic vegetation is at its peak in the box and throughout the Henry’s fork. This makes deep nymphing a bit of a challenge so focus your efforts in the deep fast runs. Duracell nymphs and bullet quills have been working well. Don’t forget about the old depend red zebra midge.

Lower River


The lower Henrys Fork hopper bite continues. I think it’s fishing the best in the mornings and the evenings. Once again the aquatic vegetation is at its peak down there so again if you’re nymphing look for the faster deeper water. The fishing from Warm River down To Ashton has been very good this past week. Hopper droppers and using miller’s tactical nymph as the dropper. Don’t be afraid to fish streamers on this stretch of the river.

South Fork

It’s time for the early morning mutant stones on the South Fork. Get up before the sun and have your boat on the water and start fishing as soon as you can see to safely row. Cast Eldens stones on the banks and drag them off. If you haven’t done this on the South Fork make sure this is the year you give it a try. Hoppers have been working well and there are still may flies around. The nymph fishing has been solid.



The Hoppers are thick on the Teton, I don’t have much new information on the Teton since my last report. Still pmds around and look for trico’s. Make sure you have plenty of hoppers with you in size 10 and 8. The caddis in the evenings are still thick. The usual droppers will work fine. Bullet quills, rednecks and Miller tactical nymphs.



The Madison has been amazing this past week. The hopper bite is as solid as it can be on the Masdison. Don’t forget about the nocturnal stones on the Madison. An early morning outing on the Madison can be effective skating foam stone patterns. Crowds have been down somewhat on the Maddy but this Labor Day weekend things may get busy. Nymphing has also been good with smaller Pat’s rubber legs and bullet quills. Don’t forget to have some streamers handy.



This is a great time to head north in the park. Slough Creek and the Lamar have been fishing well. Keep an eye on the weather and if there is rain in the forecast, forget about the Lamar. The Madison in the park is worth a look this time of the year as there should be a few lake fish starting to move up. Time to break out the trout spey! I always look forward to this time of the year in the park. The Barnes Holes will start to see some pressure the later we get into September and October. Believe it or not there are other places to fish on the Madison once those lake fish get in. I have found these fish from the bottom all the way up to the top! The Barnes pools are always a good bet and the entertainment is first class. Don’t be the guy who just stands in the same spot or holy cow! You will hear about it! Cast, swing and step! Repeat.