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Fishing Report

Mar 3, 2020 | Todd Lanning Stabby_br4own.jpg

Henry's Fork


It’s time to start fishing reports for the 2020 season. While winter is fighting hard to keep its icy cold grip on East Idaho things are certainly starting to warm up. This year February was pretty dry this year compared to last year. Very little precip this year especially when you look at last year’s snow fall for the same time period. However we are a long way from being in the clear! I expect 2nd winter will be here at any moment. One thing February did bring this year was very cold temps! -33 at my little cabin here in Island Park was the lowest… far. I took my first outing of the year this past week. Temps got into the upper 30s and I had to get out of the cabin. It was worth the trip. I always enjoy driving from Ora Bridge and looping around to Vernon and then the Fun Farm this time of the year. When I got to Ora, Fish were rising on the slow bank to midges consistently. A #16 griffth gnat is all you need. The hatch of midges on Friday was at its peak from about 2:00 lasting until about 4:30. Before that time a red zebra midge worked wonders. I also walked the boat ramp and the only way you’re getting a boat in there is to drag it. I noticed that somebody had drug a raft in. The same is true at Vernon. You would have a much easier time getting a boat out at the bridge then you would at the ramp. While I had the river to myself on Friday, Saturday was a different story. There were folks in all the usual places. I did take a walk up river from the Vernon Bridge and found plenty of water to fish. There have been whisperings of blue wings but I didn’t see a single mayfly on Friday or Saturday. If you have black or brown rubber legs and some red zebra midges you should be set for the early season fishing on the Henry’s Fork. There is a large shelf of ice at the fun farm but if you wanted to walk up river the fishing should be great and make sure to include blue wings in your fly box as we should start to see them before too long. Pray to whoever you like for a wet spring and a slow melt!

South Fork

The South has been fishing very well these last few weeks. While the access are plowed out the actual ramps are not so if you plan on a float you will need a minimum of about 200 feet of rope to pull boats up the ramp at the Conant access. As far as patterns I would again make sure you have the usual. Zebra midges and rubber legs. Don’t be afraid to pull some streamers. Regardless of where you’re fishing remember winter is not gone and as they use to say in the boy scouts be prepared. Weather can change quickly and dramatically so a change of dry clothes and plenty of layers is a good idea this time of the year. We have plenty of guides that would love to take you out so take advantage of the off season rate. Give us a call!