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Fishing Report

Mar 24, 2020 | Todd Lanning ranning.jpeg

Spring Time


These are trying times in our country for sure! It’s odd to me how it takes things like 9-11 or a deadly virus to bring this country together as it has but it’s great to see. Island Park has been a ghost town but it always is this time of the year. Chris and I are taking the necessary precautions. I don’t think I have ever washed my hands so many times. This is without a doubt my favorite time of the year. While we still have a ton of snow (it’s currently snowing as I write this.) Birds start returning. Eventually there will be some green grass down in the valley. New life will start to pop up everywhere! Take a drive down between Ashton and St Anthony and you will see new born calves and robins in the willows along the river.

Henry's Fork


The Henry’s Fork has really been fishing well these last few weeks. I saw blue wings for the first time last Friday on the lower Henry’s Fork. The midge fishing has been first class every day. If you plan on being on the water anytime soon make sure you have plenty of small bead heads. We have had great days fishing with #16 and #18 red or olive zebra midges. I would also have some streamers handy. At some point during the day you will notice fish rising. A #16 or #18 Griffith’s gnat will generally do the trick. Sometimes I will trail a #18 olive jujubee behind the Griffiths. The blue wings will become more prevalent as the weather warms up a little. Access is still a little limited if you are wanting to float. You can drag a raft into the box if you wanted however you will have to start at the top and drag it all the way down. You will have to find a spot to take out. Warm River to Ashton is also an option. You will not be able to get out at Jump off Canyon with a drift boat without some considerable work. Taking a boat out at the Ashton Reservoir will not be a problem. If you have a good four wheel drive you can put in at the Ora Bridge access. Taking out at Veron is still a bit of a challenge and I would have some rope just in case. The road into Chester is a mess you will want to make sure to have four wheel drive for sure. You can get in and out of Chester. Keep in mind conditions can change very quickly this time of the year and just because you can get in today, one good storm can change all of that. Please be considerate if you own a monster truck and don’t make the roads any worse. In conclusions please be safe. We will emerge from this Corona virus. The sun will shine and trout will rise. We as Americans have an amazing fighting spirit and we will get ahead of this!