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Fishing Report

Mar 31, 2020 | Todd Lanning 2020-03-31_10.25.21.jpg

Henry's Fork


The Midges are really starting to go off on the lower river. Depending on the day, plan on seeing surface activity peaking from about 1:00 to about 5:00. I am very happy to report the blue wings are really starting to hatch in good numbers. I checked the Warm River section yesterday and you can now use the Jump off Canyon access and of course the Ashton ramp is still accessible. You can also take out at the Vernon access. Snow seems to be going fast from Ashton on down pretty quickly. The road into Chester is good (for this time of the year.) and you can back your boat in if you’re doing Chester to Fun Farm. It will be awhile if you want to use the ramp at last chance. Temps up here are remain on the cold side and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change anytime soon. There are plenty of midges up here. The box has been fishing well with the usual mix of small beads, rubber legs and streamers. Plenty of heads up above the log jam as well. Be alert of where you are walking this time of the year as there are spawning fish. The lower Henry’s Fork is seeing a little pressure as far as people go but if you do a little walking it’s easy to find a place to fish. The river up here is seeing very little pressure as is always typical for this time of the year. Weather is a major factor. We have had constant snow storms daily. Snow in the morning and usually done by 12:00 or 1:00 so if you’re on the water by 2:00 you should be good. Access and parking are a little sparse right now so plan on doing a little walking and head hunting.

South Fork

All access on the South Fork are open. You will still need rope if you plan on using the Spring Creek Bridge. On second thought the Cotton Wood access should also still be closed due to the big game wintering range. As far as flies go not much different then what you would use on the Henry’s Fork.



The walk wade section has been good with the typical stuff. Griffith Gnat’s small beads and streamers. Plenty of rising fish and again plan on doing a little walking as there were a lot of vehicles parked at Reynolds Bridge on Saturday. Mid-week might be a better option if you want to hit the Madison. I always enjoy the drive along the Madison this time of the year. The sheep are right next to the road and seeing a mountain big horn is always a thrill! Be sure to stock your boxes plenty of midges and small bead heads. I am a big fan of Griffith Gnat’s in #16 and #18 mainly because they work so dang good and why fix it if it aint broke! Also zebra midges in #16 and #18. Rubber legs are a good idea to.