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Fishing Report

Apr 7, 2020 | Todd Lanning pretty_cool_pic.jpg

Henry's Fork


Crazy times are getting crazier it seems. The Idaho fish and Game has put the brakes on selling fishing and hunting licenses to non-residents. Despite all the rumors circulating around this is only temporary. If you have a current 2020 fishing license you can still fish. I don’t have a sure answer as to when the sales of licenses will resume so I won’t try to guess. Island Park has been relatively quite as it always is this time of the year but the fishing these last two weeks has been really good. We are seeing good hatches and blue wings. The lower river from Ashton on down has been getting busier with people. The weekends of course is when we are seeing the most traffic. Be responsible and keep your social distancing in mind.

Box Canyon


The box has really been fishing well! Trout are looking up and also chasing streamers. The boat ramp is still not an option and with all the snow we have been getting I would guess it won’t be an option for a while. You could drag a raft in if you wanted. Take the usual box flies. Small nymphs like a #18 olive two bit hooker. The usual collection of zebra midges in red and olive will work well. The midge and blue wings have been thick through Last Chance. If you find yourself up here on the right day it seems the every fish in the river is up. It is so nice to see fish consistently feeding on the surface and the blue wings are a #16 so I can actually see them! The hatches have been starting anywhere from noon through about 3:00pm. I would tell you to bring what you need for a day of fishing as far as food and beverage goes. Robins Roost in an option if you need something and I believe ponds is open. Leave the boat at home and keep practicing the social distance rules. I for one can’t wait for that word to disappear into the history books! It’s pretty easy to social distance while fly fishing. If you are fishing with a fly rod and your only 6 feet away from another fly fisher…..You’re doing it wrong! If you find yourself up here and in need of flies or equipment give the shop a call and we will bag up what you need and have it outside for you.

South Fork

I don’t have much in the way of new information for the South Fork. Remember that the Cottonwood access is still not an option. I would go armed with the same flies that are working on our river. Blue wings and midges. Small beads, rubber legs and streamers. Again I would make sure to take what you need as I don’t know what’s open in Swan Valley.



The Madison continues to fish very well. I drove up to the dam on Saturday and all the usual places were fairly busy with anglers. While I did not fish I saw plenty of bent rods looking up river from the Reynold’s Bridge. There were a lot of midges flying around but I did not see any blue wings.


Please don’t look at this report and think I am trying to rub in the fact that we are fishing and maybe you can’t. I am doing these reports just to give you an idea of what’s going in the local area waters and what’s going to be coming up for you all when we get through all this. Keep your chins up and know that we get through this. There is light at the end of tunnel. There is always light at the end of tunnel and we are lucky to live in the greatest country on the planet. Remember the sun is going to shine and you will see a trout rise! Don’t hesitate to give us a call at the shop if you need anything.