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Fishing Report

May 22, 2020 | Todd Lanning IMG_5990001002.jpg

Box Canyon


If you want to avoid the mass of humanity that is the lower Henry’s Fork then come on up to last chance. There will be some folks around but nothing like the lower end. I would have plenty of rubber legs and some bullet quills. We have some great new selection of nymphs that should really work well in the Box Canyon. Come in and check them out. Why you’re out and about this weekend check out some different stuff. All the popular places are going to be jammed packed. If you want to get away a walk down to the coffee pot rapids is always fun and there is some great fishing. Go check out the flat ranch or the outlet of Henry’s Lake. All three of those areas are packed with cutthroats and will provide all kinds of fun. I have been hearing all sorts of griping about how busy the river is. Believe me when I tell you there is a lot more to the Henry’s Fork then Warm River to Ashton and Ora to Chester. Get out of the comfort zone and go check out what this amazing river has to offer. There has been lots of complaining about out of state folks clogging up the river. We here at Henry’s Fork Anglers welcome EVERYBODY regardless of where you come from. Back to the Box now. Rubber legs will treat you well! I would have black or brown #6 and #8. Fish the dumps and the runs and make sure you have enough weight to get down.

Lower Henry's Fork


Plenty of activity on the lower river. From the stone bridge all the way to Chester there is salmon fly activity. Make sure to pack enough clothing for just about any sort of weather. I would plan on plenty of rain and possible snow down there throughout the weekend. It may start to clear on Sunday. I will say it again, the river is going to be crowed this weekend. Please be courteous and good to one another. Take plenty of rubber legs and foam stones with you, you are gonna need them! I would also be on the lookout for March browns. It’s the fabled salmon fly hatch on the Henry’s Fork. As I discussed above there are other option if you want to avoid crazy time.

South Fork


The South Fork of the Snake could be a great option if you want to get away. While again I am sure there will be people around I bet it won’t be near as busy as the Henry’s Fork. The Flows are around 11500 cfs and should stay at that level through the weekend. There has not been much action on the surface but the guys that are nymph fishing are really doing well. Keep it simple. Bullet quills size 16and 18 and rubber legs size 6 and 8. All the access points are open and the fishing has been and I would image it will only get better.


When I went to the Madison Two days ago it was up and off color. That should keep the pressure down to nothing over the weekend. If you find yourself over there and fishing I would use a big red San Juan worm. You might also have some success with a black rubber legs over there.

Henry's Lake

The Henrys Lake opener is this weekend. The opener is always a busy time. The state park is always a good bet and I really love the cliffs personally. Rickards seal buggers are always a good bet and I would have those in Olive and Burgundy is always a good idea. Sometimes stripping a pheasant tail or fishing a Zebra midge under a bobber is also effective.