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Fishing Report

Jun 4, 2020 | Todd Lanning 1691.jpg

Box Canyon


The Box continues to fish well. You will see a flow increase today. I think about 75cfs will be added at some point today. I would have salmon flies and rubber legs in the box canyon. I have probably covered this in the past but I really like to fish a black or brown rubber legs with a bullet quill on the top half and dry drop the bottom half. I like the drop shot rig when I nymph in the box. A big split shot on the bottom of some 2X tippet. Run a tag about 8 inches up and put on your rubber legs then another tag two or three feet up from that and tie on the bullet quill. It’s a great rig. You won’t snag up as much and you can just tight line it or run it under a bobber. You know you’re in the zone if the bobber looks like its ticking along. Don’t second guess the bobber! If it goes down set the hook! It may not be a fish every time but you don’t know unless you set the hook!

Lower River


The fishing from the stone bridge all the down to St Anthony continues to fish very well. While there are still salmon flies around look for goldens. The golden stones should really start to take off over the next couple of days. I would also look for pmd’s and I am sure the green drakes are just around the corner. I don’t think the crowds are as bad but plan on seeing some folks down there….wait plan on seeing some folks everywhere! This is a great time of the year to be on the river and most folks have been cooped up due to this damn virus so just plan on seeing some people around. Let’s just start being good to one another. After all there is more than enough water for all of us!

South Fork


The South Fork is on the rise and I am guessing that trend may continue due to all the warmer than average weather we have been having. It may also be due to covid who can really tell anymore. Current flows are around 17000 cfs. That is fishable but border line dangerous if you just absolutely have to be on the South Fork no matter what this weekend. Focus on the back side of the islands and side channels. I would have San Juan’s and rubber legs. I am not even going to guess when the river will go up more or come down.


The Madison is still out of sorts. High and off color. Look for that to maybe come down in the next week maybe two!



The Park still has plenty of water. The Fire Hole is high and still off color but its fishing. I would swing soft hackles and look for pmds and caddis. Remember the Yellowstone River in the park will not open until July 15th. I like to remind everyone who visits the park, if it has claws, sharp teeth, antlers, horns or hooves give it a wide berth unless you want to become a statistic. I would like to remind everyone who visits the park the following: if it has claws, sharp teeth, antlers, horns or hooves give it a wide birth unless you want to become a statistic.I was fortunate as a kid to grow up on a farm. On most farms you will fine bovine type critters and I learned at an early age how to identify irritated or angry critters. I have found that buffalo in the park give a lot of these same tell-tale signs: #1 Tail straight up and twitching rapidly from left to right or vice versa: This indicates that the bovine like critter is highly irritated and caution needs to taken! In buffalo language this means” I am starting to get pissed!” #2 Bovine looking critter with the cute giant fuzzy head is staring directly at you and won’t break eye contact: In buffalo this simply means “I have acquired my target!” #3 pawing the ground: This in buffalo language is “I am coming and when I do I will be bringing hell with me!” If you see any one of these signs it’s time for you to call it a day and seek shelter as quickly as you can! If you see all three signs at once hopefully someone nearby can call life flight.