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Fishing Report

Mar 15, 2021 | Todd Lanning WARM.jpg



Well here we go! 2021 is here and we are all looking forward to an amazing year. Although snow pack is a little behind average we have plenty of carry over water in Island Park Reservoir and the Fall River drainage and Tetons have had above average snow pack. Spring will tell the tale. Hopefully cooler temps are coming this way.

Box Canyon


Last week I posted an update on all the access points. Here in Last Chance nothing has changed. Yes, you can drag a raft down if you want to. You can also just wade fish. It is possible to catch on the Henry’s Fork wade fishing. If you have to float you will want to take your boat out below Angler’s Lodge where the river comes closer to the road. The midge hatches have been great this last week and should continue. I have heard reports of blue wings recently but can’t confirm. I have been checking daily but as of today I have yet to see any. I am guessing they will make an appearance soon. Streamers and midges are on the menu for now. I would have zebra midges and a handful of streamers in the Box Canyon. I will tell you that Mack’s is a great option this time of the year. The Midges are thick and fish of all sizes are rising all over.

Lower River


The lower has been hit and miss lately. It may be water temps are fluctuating some but some days are really good while others are just slow. Swinging streamers has been pretty good on the right day. The midges are showing up in good numbers and I have seen a few smaller fish eating midges on the surface. The nymph that has really been working well for me is the orange hot head Mary. Rubber legs and olive zebra midges have also been good. As far as boat Access go fun farm has been plowed and you can drive to Chester. You can slide boats in at Ora. You can also get a boat out at the Vernon Bridge. The put in at the Warm River to Ashton float is not ready to go but you can drag a boat around. Jump off Canyon is not an option unless you want to drag the boat a ways. The Ashton ramp is your best bet.

South Fork

The South Fork has been fishing really well over this past week. On the right day there have been blue wings on the lower river and fish are eating them! The riffles are not fishing very well but the drops and the slower moving water has been very good. San Juan worms and two bit hookers have been very effective. All the ramps on the South Fork are open.



The Madison always fishes well this time of the year. The little black stones are around and the midge fishing has been very good. I noticed a lot of people have been parking at the Reynolds Bridge and walking up or down. The access is open at the bridge. Rubber Legs, Griffith gnats and zebra midges have worked well. The orange hot head Mary is also working well. Please be mindful where you step in the Madison as trout are spawning.