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Fishing Report

Mar 22, 2021 | Todd Lanning thefork.jpg

Box Canyon


I do have some news! I saw blue wing olives! I should clarify that I only saw a single blue wing but a blue wing nonetheless! The midges are thick and I am seeing fish eating on the surface. Access is still limited you will have to drag your boat down to the launch and find a spot to drag it out. The wade access down around last chance is a lot less work. I have seen little black stone flies, one blue wing olive and a ton of midges. I would bring the usual small beads and Griffith gnats in #16-18s. Do not forget to have blue wings with you! That hatch should be going anytime now. No hackles in 16s and 18s should get some looks. Dress for any sort of weather conditions get up here and have some fun. Come in the shop and say howdy and see our new flies.

Lower River


The access points have not changed. Have a look at last week’s report for an access report. I took a drive yesterday and I will tell you I saw more midge activity at Jump Off Canyon then I have ever seen! Hopefully this is a sign of what’s to come. I would make sure to have all the same fly pattern I have mentioned above. Do not for get to have some Hot Head Mary’s. Red or orange seems to be the ticket. Don’t be afraid to leave the boat at home. Wade the Henry’s Fork. I promise you can catch fish here without a boat. As far as the South Fork and the Madison go I just don’t have anything new to report. Refer back to last week’s report for that info.