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Fishing Report

Apr 27, 2021 | Todd Lanning bllllllllll.jpg

Box Canyon


People often ask me how I stand living in Island Park year around. The winter is harsh days are short. However the rewards far outweigh the winter time boredom. I live and work next to one of the best fly fishing rivers in the country if not the world. This week’s fishing is why I live here. Every day after I close the shop I take a little drive to a spot I check daily for rising trout. On Sunday after I closed up for the day I took my little drive. The blue wings were thick! I ran home geared up and had a great time!

Access at the box is still a bit of challenge. I noticed somebody gave it an honest attempt but if it was me I would wait a couple weeks. Walking down there is not an issue but I would not attempt to drive in. Snow is melting fast so maybe next week. The usual small beads will work and if you fish where the Buffalo joins in make sure to have some blue wings with you. #8 black rubber legs is always a good call this time of the year. I would also have cocktail nymphs and orange hot head Mary’s. 16s and 18s will do the trick.

Lower River


The Mother’s Day caddis have started on the lower henry’s fork. This is one of my favorite hatches of the whole year. Grab some Hemmingway caddis in 14s and 16s. Mike’s electric caddis nymphs and olive caddis emerges in the same size. Stick with the same nymphs that I mentioned above. Double down on the black rubber legs down there. The best caddis action seems to start in the afternoon.

South Fork


In mid-April the fish and game started shocking the South Fork 4 days a week. Monday thru Thursday. I would give the office in Idaho Falls to find out what section they are shocking before you make the trip. Shocking definitely effects the fishing. There are blue wings around on the South Fork and the streamer fishing has been very good.



The Madison has been fishing really well. Plenty of blue wings and I would think there should be caddis on the lower river anytime. Keep an eye on the flows as water might start coming up due to snow melt.