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Fishing Report

May 27, 2021 | Todd Lanning Single_salmon_flies.jpg

Upper Henry's Fork


The Salmon Flies are here. With the salmon flies came the rain and cooler temps. Currently the bulk of the bugs are spread out throughout the river system. Salmon fly madness is upon us. Been hearing a lot of bitching about how crowded the lower river is. My advice is to not go down there if it’s too crowed. I want no part of being in the middle of the boat hatch so I have left the boat at home! Yep I said it. I have left the boat at home! I have had to do a little walking but I have had some amazing days on the Henry’s Fork and not seen another human. Once again proving one does not need a boat to find or catch fish on the Henry’s Fork.

Box Canyon


The river has come up. Last week at this time the flows were around 200 cfs. Thankfully last weekend a weather event helped to top off Island Park Reservoir and current flows out of the box are just short of 1000cfs. The water is off color but the fish are eating. It’s time to tie on a couple of number 4 rubber legs and tight line the banks. The big rubber legs seems to be the key. Black or brown will do the trick. If you head down to the take out you will find march browns and mother’s day caddis all the way down to the log jam. The wood road has also been fishing very well. Look for march browns and mother’s day caddis. If you want to see salmon flies I would take a peek around the river side campground. If you are wading be on your game. The wading at riverside might be the toughest on the Henrys Fork.

Lower River


The lower river has been good as it gets. Plan on seeing some people down there. Be nice. Lots of people are excited to get out and none of us own the river so be nice. If you don’t know what the etiquette is down there are plenty of locals who will be more than happy to tell you. If you want to know the etiquette minus the sentence enhancer’s AKA cursing then come in the shop and ask. We will tell you with a smile. I would have both golden stones and salmon flies. Water walkers and Mike’s Henry’s Fork foam stones will do the trick. I would fish the salmon flies in size 4 and 6 and golden stones in size 6 and 8. Have a good supply of rubber legs in brown and black.

South Fork


The South Fork is holding steady at 11,400 cfs. The fishing has been solid and a great alternative if you want to escape the salmon fly madness on the Henry’s Fork. It is a streamer and nymph game for the time being. Rubber Legs and bullet quills. As far as streamers go like I always say make sure to have a good color supply. I am not sure when the water will come up but it will come up.



The Madison is fishing well it’s time to fish San Juan’s and bullet quills. I would also have some caddis and blue wings. When the Sun pokes out the dry fly fishing has been great. Rubber legs have also been working very well. The water is a little off color but the Madison is fishing.

Yellowstone Park


The fishing season opens. From the West entrance the fire hole and the Madison should fish just fine. Rubber legs, blue wing olives should work fine. Swinging soft hackles is always a good call in the park and small beads also will do the trick. Remember where you’re at. I would caution you all to give anything with teeth, horns, hooves or claws a wide berth.