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Fishing Report

Jul 4, 2021 | Todd Lanning 856.jpg



The Ranch is high and off color. On the bright sunny days finding rising fish is tough. The fishing has been good in the morning and in the afternoons. There are flave’s and green drakes, Pmds, yellow sallies and as always don’t forget some beetles. I am concerned about the condition of the river for sure. I am not going to get into too much in this report because I want to have some facts. I have not been able to talk with Dr Rob Van Kirk yet. If you don’t know Rob, he is the scientist for the Henry’s Fork Foundation and monitors the condition of the river. Stay tuned for next week’s report.

Box Canyon


The off-color water is coming out of the tube and its off color but the fishing in the box has been good. The usual nymphs will work for you. The flows are at 1500 cfs so fish the dumps on troughs. Don’t be afraid to change tactics in the box. Try dry dropping the shallow banks. A golden stone with a bullet quill is a good idea. Don’t forget to do the sun up streamer run in the box.

Lower River


The Fall River is just a trickle and again I am concerned about the lower river. I think it would be a good idea to start looking at water temps. Fish early and late. Land those fish quick and take the time to make sure they have recovered before letting them go. I have seen a bunch of small hoppers down there so it might be a great hopper year.

South Fork


The South Fork is the place to be! The Salmon flies are in full swing. A Henrys Fork Foam stone with a rubber legs dropper will do the trick. I would start looking at the riffles for pmds and yellow sallies. The flows are remaining relativity consistent and hopefully will stay that way.



The Madison is also fishing well. Yellow Sallies, Pmds, green drakes and plenty off caddis. Don’t forget the salmon flies! There are plenty of folks fishing on the Madison so be good to one another. Have foam stones and rubber legs. I would have size 16 no hackles and 16 olive and tan caddis emergers.

Yellowstone Park

I would probably just avoid the Fire Hole due to high water temps and only fish the Madison early and late. There are Salmon flies on the Gallatin in the park section. Slough creek is fishing well. Look for green drakes and pmds.