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Fishing Report

Jul 22, 2021 | Todd Lanning 20181002_163817.jpg



The Ranch continues to fish very well. Flows have come down a little and fish are looking up! I would have hoppers. You can’t go wrong with a henrys fork hopper. I also like a new pattern we got in the shop called the henneberry hopper. There are still grey drakes around and flaves. Current flows out of the dam are 1090cfs. Don’t forget to have beetles and I am betting we should start to see honey ants any time.

Box Canyon


The box has really been fishing well. There are golden stones around and plenty of fish rising. I would have foam golden stones and a Duracell for a dropper. I would have the usual for bead heads in the box. Zebra midges and bullet quills have been working well. Change the game up a little and fish the banks.

Lower River


Warm river to Ashton is the place to be down there. Plenty of trout looking up. The hopper dropper technique is the way to go! I would fish a hopper in a 10 or 12 and drop a brown zebra midge. A number 10 brown rubber leg has also worked very well. Hoppers have also worked very well form the Ashton Dam on down. I would be mindful of water temps. Get those fish landed quick and released quick. Hero shots are not a good idea with water temps as high as they are and I would avoid fishing below St Anthony altogether. Water temps are high.

South Fork


The South Fork is as good as it gets! The salmon fly hatch has been as good as I have seen it in years. There are yellow sallies, pmds, salmon flies, pinks and caddis. Lots of fish looking up. Flows are holding steady at 16500 cfs. That is a little on the high side so please use caution on the South Fork. The Canyon seems to be the hot section. I would also have a look at the upper.


The Entire Madison River is on Hoot Owl Restrictions as of July 21st until further notice. Anglers may fish between the hours of midnight and 2:00 p.m. but no fishing is permitted between the hours of 2 – 11:59 p.m.

Yellowstone Park


The Yellow Stone River is open and the fishing has been great! Green Drakes, Salmon Flies, pmds and caddis. It is very busy in the park so I would suggest hitting the gate around 6:30 in the morning. Slough creek is worth a look right now. Pmds and caddis. Don’t forget to have some hoppers.