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Fishing Report

Mar 24, 2022 | Todd Lanning thefork.jpg

Box Canyon


The access has not changed since my last report. You could slide a boat all the way down or walk down to the boat ramp and wade. Flows are about 200 cfs so getting around is not a problem. Fly selections have not really changed either. Zebra midges in brown or red are working well, and the pink or orange slush egg is also a good choice. There are fish are eating midges on the surface in the softer water close to the dam. A size 16 or 18 Griffiths gnat will get the job done. As always, don’t be afraid to swing a streamer. Sculpin patterns in tan and olive are very effective this time of the year.

Warm River to Ashton


The boat ramp at the stone bridge is still snow covered but there have been a few folks sliding boats in. Jump off canyon is not an option but you can take a boat out at the county boat ramp below the bridge. The midges are hatching in good numbers in this section so make sure to have plenty of Griffiths Gnats with you. This is a great time to fish steamers! Zonkers, sculpins and leeches are a great choice, and have multiple colors on hand. Rubber legs in brown or black are a must and I would also have some of Lawson’s electric caddis nymphs.

Lower River


The ramp at the Ora Bridge is still not open but again folks are sliding boats down. Fly selections are going to be similar. I would however, watch for blue wings. The weather is supposed to be really nice this weekend so it’s going to be busy. The Vernon bridge access is open and ready. Remember that access belongs to Fremont County and currently has a mountain of gravel in the middle of the parking lot. I don’t know what the plans are for that gravel but parking is tight. I have noticed some folks have decided that parking at the Veron Bridge is ok. There is a very large sign at the Vernon Bridge that says very plainly in big Letters “NO PARKING”. Yes, this in fact means exactly what it says, “NO PARKING”. Believe it or not, this sign applies to everybody. Remember there is 50 miles of river to fish and if the parking lot is full there are other places on the Henrys Fork to go. I mention this because if problem continues to get out of hand, the county could shut that access down if they wanted.