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Fishing Report

Jul 27, 2022 | Todd Lanning slutty.jpg

Box Canyon


Current flows out of Island Park Reservoir are 1630. The reservoir is at 73 percent of capacity. I am going to be honest. Fishing has been tough. What a long strange trip it’s been. Low flows and a bleak outlook early in the spring. Then the rains came. Lots of water, flows came way up and now high flows and turbid water. I am not saying fishing is terrible. You can scratch them out if you work a little harder then you normally do in the box. I have done okay fishing foam stone goldens and dropping a Duracell about three feet down. Fish this rig on the banks. When you get down into some of the deeper runs fish a size 10 black rubber leg with a Duracell or bullet quill. With the current flows don’t forget to bring some split shot with you. Getting the nymphs down is the key. The best size of split shot is AA.



The Rail Road Ranch has been a little tough this year as well. It will fish well in morning and then again in the evenings. The green drake hatch has come to an end but the flaves and pmds are still around. I would guess the hoppers will be thick in the next week or two. Look for honey ants in the near future as well. Flave spinners and rusty spinners are a must have. I would also have D&D cripples in a #16. Be on the water around 9:30 am, and most days the fishing will be okay until about 1:00 pm. Caddis and flave duns will appear around 6:00 pm or 7:00 pm, and you should have decent fishing until dark.

Warm River to Ashton


If there is a bright spot on the Henry’s Fork it would be this section. Warm River to Ashton has been very consistent. A dry dropper rig fished on the banks will do the trick. I would fish bullet quills, small rubber legs, and brown zebra midges. The tubers and paddle boards and anything else that floats are heavy on the weekends. If you want to avoid that mayhem then put in early. If you can be on the water around 7:00 am or 8:00 am you may have it to yourself. Pick a good indicator fly. A purple chubby or a foam hopper will do the trick. I would pull about three feet of 4x tippet out and attach a size 14 bullet quill and; about a foot under that tie on a red neck. I would focus on the banks.

Lower River


Fish this section early or late. It is getting really hot during the day and the vegetation is making hard to nymph fish. I would go early and fish hoppers or golden stones tight on the bank. Use heavy tippet and get those fish landed quick. Take the time to make sure they recover before releasing the fish.



The upper Teton is fishing very well. Pmds are thick! The weekend rubber hatch is also amazing on the weekends. Once again if you can put on early or later in the afternoon you can avoid the rubber hatch. Look for the bigger fish to be very tight on the banks. The take is very subtle so you really have to be watching, once you get one spotted fish a pmd no hackle or the D&D cripple. If they are being really picky you can drop a pmd split back nymphs about 8 inches off a small dry.

South Fork


If I could pick one river to fish, it would be without a doubt the Southfork of the Snake. I do not remember a better salmon fly hatch. Golden stones and yellow sallies are thick! The upper river and the canyon are fishing very well. Look for trout rising on the banks and shallow flats. The bigger trout are tucked in very tight on the banks. A foam stone salmon fly or foam stone golden will work very well. The crowds are not as bad as you might think. The riffles are not red hot just yet but I bet that is going to change soon. Pmds are starting to show up in good numbers. If you have the time, I would highly suggest you find yourself on the Southfork.



The Madison is still fishing very well. Salmon flies and golden stones are still working well. Look for pmds and caddis. The crowds are thick so if you’re heading that direction, bring some patience with you. Do a dry drop rig with a salmon fly and a rubber leg. I would also plan on seeing hoppers soon.

Yellowstone Park


The Yellowstone River is the spot to be! The crowds are not bad and the fishing has been great. Take salmon flies and goldens with you. You will also see green drakes. Look at the gibbon while you’re in the park. You still cannot get to slough creek yet but the Lamar is accessible by foot. If you are up for a bit of an adventure, I would go to the Bechler. Make sure you take plenty of bug spray and bear spray is a great idea.