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Fishing Report

Apr 16, 2016 | Mike Lawson Cutthroat_Devan.jpg

We apologize for not providing a fishing report last week. Todd Lanning normally does our fishing report but he has been up to his eyeballs receiving inventory in our store for the coming season. This is the time of year when it’s very important to stay up to date with the weather and water. With warm spring weather and near normal snowpack some of the streams have started their annual runoff. However, this is also a time for some of the best fishing of the season

Box Canyon


On April 11th the flow from the dam increased from about 130 cfs to 330 cfs and has remained constant since that time. This provides more holding water for trout in the Box Canyon and Last Chance area. In the canyon the best fishing has been with nymphs. Black or Brown Rubberlegs with a black, olive or red zebra nymph are good patterns to try. You might also consider a flashback pheasant tail or Two Bit Hooker. With more water in the Last Chance area dry fly fishing has picked up. The annual Baetis hatches have finally started to materialize. With warmer weather you might also start seeing some larger mayflies like the Western March Brown.

Lower Henry's Fork


The section from Mesa Falls to the Ashton Reservoir has been a bit spotty. While there aren’t any major tributary streams this section receives quite a bit of low runoff from the local snowpack. With warm weather the water got pretty dirty but then cleaned up a little with the recent cool weather. As it warms back up it might get dirty again. The same flies recommended for Box Canyon work well in this area. Some of the best fishing on the Henry’s Fork has been from the Ashton Dam downstream to the Chester Dam. The water has remained clear with hatches of Blue Winged Olives showing up around mid-day. Recommended patterns include size 16 or 18 Sparkle Flag, Nohackle or Biot Parachute, The best action has been on cloudy days. With warm weather predicted during the week ahead we should start seeing some caddis. The best setup when these Mother’s Day Caddis are hatching is an EZ Caddis with a Partridge Caddis Emerger dropper. The best color is olive in size 16. The Hemingway Caddis is another good option. If you don’t find fish rising you can catch fish with nymphs. Along with the patterns recommended for Box Canyon you should also consider a Cocktail Nymph or Sawyer’s PT.

For the time being, runoff from Fall River has knocked out the fishing from the Chester Dam downstream. We’ll keep our eyes on this. Remember, the salmonfly hatch will get going in about a month on this section.

Teton River

While the Teton River has produced great fishing over the past several weeks, the water has come up and the runoff is underway. I wouldn’t look for this great river to shape up for several weeks. We’ll keep our eyes on it.

South Fork of the Snake


Currently the water is clear and fishable. The flow from Palisades Reservoir is about 2800 cfs. Normally the flows increase throughout the month of April. This is a bit of an odd year. Our bet is that the fishing will hold up through most of April while Palisades Reservoir (currently 75% full) continues to fill. However things could change depending on a variety of things.

Madison River


The Upper Madison below Quake Lake has not been open for fishing at this time of year for a long time. We think it is awesome to have this great fishing opportunity again. This section has been producing some of the best fishing in the region. The best fishing has been with nymphs. Use olive, black or red zebra nymphs, Two Bit Hooker or Flashback Pheasant Tail. Glo Bugs and San Juan Worms have also been productive. Conditions could change with above normal temperatures which cause some of the tributary streams to bring turbid water but for the time being, the Madison is fishing great.

As you cruise around our new website, let us know what you think. We’ve tried to streamline it so that it is easier to find what you’re looking for. We’ve also eliminated some stuff that we didn’t feel was necessary, like the best golf courses in the area. If you have suggestions, please let us know. Meanwhile, while runoff has eliminated some options, there is great fishing to be had during the coming week.