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Fishing Report

Feb 9, 2017 | Todd Lanning snow.jpg

Box Canyon


The box has been fishing well over the last week with most fish being caught swinging Leech patterns. Black and green seem to be the best bet. I would focus in the deeper runs and pools. As you get down in the flat water closer to Last Chance look for large trout sipping Midges. As always, have the usual selection of small bead heads and Rubber Legs. I would have #16 and #18 Zebra Midges in red, green and black. I would also have some Griffith Gnats #18 and #20. I would also suggest taking a look at McCrea’s Bridge. As we head into March many of the lake fish will be heading up river. This is a great time of the year to find a very large trout! The weather will be the biggest factor. Look for days when the temps are right around freezing or above. The access to the box requires either a sled, snowshoes or cross country skis. You could post hole your way down but that would be a job! I would suggest snowshoes regardless of where you want to fish in the last chance area.

Lower River

I would spend some time in the Warm River to Ashton stretch. Again access to float this section with a drift boat is going to be a job to say the least! A raft or personal pontoon would be possibility. I would focus on wade fishing this section. Look for fish eating Midges during the heat of the day. I would also have streamers! A double Dirty Hippy swung into deeper holding water will work very well this time of the year. I don’t want to beat a dead horse here but access this time of the year is the trick! Snowshoes are the key to get down to the water. If you don’t have snowshoes give us a call at the shop we do have a good selection of rentals.

South Fork

Small beadheads and midges will be the name of the game on the South Fork. It sounds like over this week that the Conant Valley access has been plowed. I have also heard that you can use the Byington Access. I would do some scouting just to make sure. Also keep in mind that with the current flows on the South Fork that would be a long day and you would want to stay on the oars.



The Madison has really started to fish well. I fished with my friend and Henry’s Fork Guide Paul Hoelscher last Friday. We arrived at Reynolds Bridge around 12:00. The wind was a factor but we accessed the river and had a great day fishing small bead heads above the bridge in the wade only section. I fished a #18 black Zebra Midge with a #20 Red Lighting Bug and did well. Paul had some success swinging a green Leech through the some runs. I know we would have had some great dry fly fishing but again the wind was howling.