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Fishing Report

Apr 13, 2017 | Todd Lanning Cool_Trout.jpg

Box Canyon


The flows in the Box Canyon have come up this week to right around 800 cfs. The plan as of today is to keep it at that flow through the remainder of the spring unless a major melting event takes place. The access is still a no go. While you can still walk in, driving down to the ramp is not going to happen for a bit. I saw some guys pull small rafts in last week. The take out is completely melted off. Not much new information for the box in the way of hatches. I would make sure to have streamers and rubber legs, brown and black in #10 and #8 will do the trick. I would also have the usual smaller zebra midges in black, brown and red in #16 and #18. As you get down to the flat water look for fish rising. A #16 Griffith gnat will work. I would also have blue wing olives with you. A #16 no hackle as well as a last chance cripple in the same size will work very well.

Lower River


I would focus on the Warm River section.The key is to keep an eye on the weather. If we have multiple days of warmer temps than you’re going to want to be on the water as soon as you can. As you float down the river you will likely get more color to it. We have been running a few guide trips in this section and have had great results. Don’t let a little dirty water keep you off the river. The story is much the same from Ora on down. Again there is color to the water but it has not slowed the fishing down a whole lot. From Chester on down things will get a little tougher, however the fun farm back waters have been fishing ok. Look for blue wings and midges. As water temps come up a bit more look for march browns and caddis! I personally can’t wait to see caddis! If you’re lucky and do find some march browns a #10 parachute Adams will serve you well. I would also have a few pheasant tail soft hackles and drop those under your Adams. I would also have some # 16 Hemingway caddis.

South Fork

The South Fork of the snake has come up a bit this week. At 18000 cfs I think this river becomes even more dangerous than it normally is. My advice for the South Fork is to avoid it for a little while. The rumor mill is still in full force on this river but if you do some digging you will find that we are nowhere near the snow pack of 1997. There is a bunch of snow over there but as of today the reservoir is down to 17% of capacity and will continue to come down. I think this year on the South Fork will be one to remember. It’s great to have all this snow! Too much water is a great problem to have in my mind!


The Teton is also a bit tough right know.The water is really off color but there are blue wings around and if you can hit the Teton on the right day you just may run into some rising trout. If you’re headed that way however I would have a plan b for sure.



The Madison has been fishing very well! All access, with the exception of Ennis, are open. While the midge fishing has slowed somewhat the nymph fishing has been excellent. I would have a good supply of rubber legs in # 10 black or brown will work very well. Have the usual collection of zebra midges with you. The streamer bite has also been productive in the afternoon.