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Fishing Report

Apr 24, 2017 | Todd Lanning ranch_water.jpg

Box Canyon


I don’t have much in the way of new information for the Box Canyon. The nymph fishing remains solid. Flows out of the dam are 800cfs and should stay that way for a while. If you’re in our area I would also suggest you look at the river above Island Park Reservoir. McCrea’s Bridge is where I would start. You can launch a boat on the East side of the bridge and have some great fishing right out of the gate. I would also look at the river around Mack’s in. Keep in mind you cannot float below the bride at Mack’s Inn but there is plenty of wading opportunity. Also the Buffalo continues to fish well. I will say if you plan on fishing in the buffalo plan on some great fishing but you will have to sort through a pile of smaller fish. The fly patterns have not changed much form the last weeks report. I would have rubber legs, #08 and #10. I would have a good bunch of small bead heads. Zebra midges, #16 and #18. Brown, red and black. I would have midges, #16 Griffith gnat. I would also have some #16 blue wing olive no hackles. As Always bring your streamers.

Lower River


The lower Henry’s Fork continues to come up as we lose snow. The flow at Ashton is 1760cfs. The fishing has been solid. Focus your efforts in softer water. I would be sure to have a big handful of #8 rubber legs and fish the banks hard. Try fishing the shallow banks with the tight line style of nymph fishing. If you’re using bobbers than heavy tippet and I would run your rubber legs about 3’ down. There are just a few caddis showing up here and there but stay tuned. Should start seeing Mother’s Day caddis in the next couple of weeks. Expect to see blue wings and midges as well. Fall River continues to come up as well, making fishing below Chester a bit of a challenge. The Flow near Saint Anthony jumps up to 4400cfs. If you’re fishing in this area of the Henry’s Fork I would focus my efforts in the back waters. Look for trout feeding in places like the Fun Farm. If you’re planning on being in the area I would plan on multiple day’s conditions are changing daily as is the weather. It’s a typical Idaho spring so my suggestion is to be mobile and be prepared to do whatever is necessary to catch a fish.

South Fork

The South Fork has come down to around 14000cfs. I would bet things will really turn on if the flows stay at that level for a while. Again I would come loaded for bear if I was fishing the South Fork. Streamers and nymphs as well as dries. I would look for blue wings and midges in slower moving water. I would also spend some time in the side channels. Use caution when going into these side channels after the high water as they tend to change. Water temps are going to be on the low side so look for fish to be in softer moving water. I would also slow down the streamer presentation. I would have a good selection of nymphs. San Juan worms #12 and #16, #18 zebra midges. I would also have rubber legs in both brown and black. #8 and #10.



The Madison continues to fish very well. Like last week, the name of the game is nymphs and streamers. The river has come up a bit and if your wade fishing I would start between the lakes. Have rubber legs and small bead heads in your arsenal. I would also bring the streamer box with you. Keep an out for fish eating midges as well. Also watch for spawning reds while you’re on the Madison. As always with your streamer selection have a good color selection with you.