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Henry’s Fork Anglers Fishing Report

Jun 3, 2014 | Mike Lawson

We have had some very good fishing the past couple of weeks. The weather has been beautiful, and some very nice fish have been caught. I will go through the details of our area below:

Upper Henry’s Fork
The Outlet to Henry’s Lake is still running at winter flows, but Henry's Lake is almost full. Within the next week or so, the outlet should have water and fish in it!. The section from the confluence of Henry’s Lake Outlet below Big Springs downstream to Highway 20 at Mack’s Inn has been fishing well with nymphs as well as some good BWO and Caddis action on top.We have been seeing a few Salmonflies near the Coffepot Rapids.

Box Canyon
The flow has been steady at about 430 cfs for the last couple of weeks.  The reduced flow also opens up the option to wade. Early reports from the Idaho Department of Fish and Game indicate the fish numbers are about the normal average of about 3000 trout per mile. The Salmonflies are in full swing in the box, so try throwing a Henry's Fork Foam Stone, Paulson's Flutterbug, or the Pternarcy's Chubby Chernobyl in sizes 4 and 6. Other flies I would have at your disposal are: Pat’s Rubber Legs, Cocktail Nymphs, Bruised Baetis, DBL Tungsten Worm in colors Red and Wine, Brown or Olive Zebra Nymph, and Tungsten P. T. Nymph. Streamers can also be productive. Use Mike’s Inverted Matuka and BH Mini Leech.

Last Chance / Harriman Park
Please take in mind that the Ranch does not open until June 15, 2014. However, the stretch through Last Chance is open year round. There have been some decent hatches of Western March Browns, BWOs and Caddis. We have also had some very good fishing by woodroad 16 with small Baetis, March Browns, and Caddis. There is still a few Salmonflies just up from Riverside Campground. Check out our hatch chart for recommended patterns. Leech patterns and dry dropper fishing is going to be the most effective way to catch fish right now.

Canyon Water
The Salmonflies are pretty much done here, but  a dry dropper along the bank has been productive and fish are still looking for the big bugs. We are seeing some Golden Stones and Caddis. If you like adventure, go to the Grandview Campground at Lower Mesa Falls, and hike down to the river. You can wade fish a Golden Stone and a dropper up to the Falls. It is a beautiful place to fish. You should take bear spray as their is both Black and Grizzly bears in the area.

Warm River to Ashton
This section has been fishing about as consistant as any. We are seeing Golden Stones and Caddis, so catching a fish on a dry fly is very likely. Try using the Heny's Fork Foam Golden, Hedgehog, or a size 10 Chubby Chernobyl. You also throw an Elk hair caddis and the EZ caddis. You can also catch plenty of fish using nymphs. Big browns love to chase streamers in the evening hours just before dusk!

Ashton Dam to St Anthony
The tailwater section from the Ashton Dam downstream to the Chester Dam has been fishing good with Golden Stones and Caddis, it won't be long before the PMD's start!!! Chubby Chernobyl, Pat’s Rubberlegs, Tungsten Zebra Midges, Pheasantails, Two Bit Hookers have been the go to flies in this section.  The river below the Chester Dam has really improved as Fall river has cleared up. There is a mix of Golden Stones, Salmonflies, and Caddis in this section. Some very nice fish have been caught on dries in this section. Please be aware that the Del Rio Access will be closed until November because a new bridge is being built.

Fall River and Robinson Creek are still running high, but have cleared up. You can catch a lot of fish nymphing big Rubberlegs. It won't be long until Salmonflies are going in Fall River. The Warm River is starting to clear up nicely and we have been finding some great Salmonfly action upstream from the campground in the canyon section. There is a short section on Warm River from the bridge downstream to the posted boundary near the Parker Cabin that is closed year round. Fishing the Buffalo River near Pond’s Lodge can be another option.

Madison River
The fishing season opened on the Madison from Quake Lake downstream to McAtee Bridge on Saturday. The Madison is very high due to run off. If you plan to check out the Madison we recommend fishing above the West Fork. Trout are likely to be holding very near the bank. Use San Juan Worms, Black Rubberlegs, Zebra Nymphs and Tungsten Pheasant Tail.

Area Lakes
This time of year the trout like to cruise the shoreline making them available to anglers fishing from or near the bank. The most popular area on Henry's Lake is near the State Park. Most of the popular lake flies work well including wooly buggers, leeches, scuds and small nymphs. Bank anglers can also catch trout near the cliff area. You can also get some nice trout by trolling. If you troll flies you need to get the fly deep. Use either a very fast sinking or lead core line. Island Park Reservoir produces some nice trout by trolling pop gear, lures or flies, but the fish are still spread out. The reservior usually fishes great later in the Summer. Hebgen Lake has been producing some nice fish on the north shore with midge patterns.

South Fork of the Snake
The flows on the South Fork have been running high. The most effective way to fish is going to be with streamers and nymphs against the bank. The flies to have are: Sculpzilla’s, Mike’s Inverted Matuka, Pat’s Rubber Legs, Tungsten Salvation Nymphs, and Tungsten G-String Worms. Expect the flows to stay high for the next couple of weeks.

Yellowstone National ParkThe park is open and the Firehole has been good. We are seeing caddis and PMD's. If the fish are rising try and EZ Caddis or a PMD Nohackle. If you don't see fish up, you can be successful swing soft hackles in the riffles. There is still a lot of snowpack in the park, so the run off has a lot of the rivers very high.