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Fishing Report

Nov 25, 2017 | Todd Lanning Chris_Rainbow.jpg

Henry’s Fork Anglers would like to take a moment to thank all of our customers both new and old for another great season. We love what we do here and it’s all of our loyal customers that keep us going!

Box Canyon


I would use caution if you want to float the box. The road going in is a little dicey due to the snow and rain we have had. Four wheel drive is a must and with conditions changing daily, it’s a good idea to walk the access first. The streamer fishing in the box has been very good. A cooper Zonker has been working very well. I have also done well with a crystal Zonker and a Sculpzilla. The midge hatches have also been very consistent over the last couple of weeks. I would have the usual nymph selection. Small zebra midges and rubber legs will do the trick.

Harriman Ranch


You only have a week left to fish the ranch. If you have not experienced the fall fishing in Harriman, I would suggest you come on up these next few days and see what you have been missing. The scenery is amazing and the fishing is second to none! The real beauty of it all is that there is nobody around! You can have the ranch to yourself for the most part. All you will need for flies is some #20 blue wings and some #16 and #18 Griffith gnats. I like to fish a #16 Griffith gnat because I can see it! You may get a little grief from your buddies for fishing a #16 but remember that a Griffith’s gnat is tied to represent a midge cluster. There is no point being on the water before 10 A.M. Once things get going you will have plenty of targets to shoot at. You may have to sort through a few whitefish.

Lower River


The lower has also continued to fish well. You should not have any problems at the access. This can change daily. The only access that may become an issue is at the Ora Bridge. If you’re not sure then walk it first. Again have some streamers and small beads with you. Keep an eye on the back waters for fish rising to midges.

Area Waters


I don’t want to bore all of you with reports on all of our area rivers as the report is going to be the same. Regardless of where you fish in Eastern Idaho or Southwest Montana, It’s going to be the same. Midges and small bead heads nymphs will work very well. Henry’s Fork Anglers wants to wish everybody a Happy Thanksgiving and our best for the remainder of the holiday season!