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Lodging Options

A common question at the end of conversations with anglers who will be visiting the area for the first time is…where do you recommend we stay?

Here are a variety of options for visiting anglers and non-anglers. Whether you’re looking for a deluxe suite & gourmet dining…or a private cabin with a “do-it-yourself” kitchen…we think one of these lodging options will meet your needs.

Angler’s Lodge

 - Anglers_Lodge

Angler’s Lodge has a good balance of quality accommodations, a good restaurant, and economical price.

Eagle Ridge Ranch

 - Eagle_Ridge_Ranch

Deluxe log cabins are designed with a western flair that add character and ambiance to reflect the quiet peace of the old west.

Elk Creek Ranch

 - Elk_Creek_Cabin

Elk Creek Ranch is a long time Island Park area favorite.

Harriman State Park

 - Bedroom

Stay on the banks of the most hollowed stretch of the Henry’s Fork in Harriman State Park

Henry’s Fork Lodge

 - HFL_Lounge

Henry’s Fork Lodge is the finest lodge in Island Park.

Henry’s Fork Ranch

 - Henrys_Fork_Ranch_-_Rainbow

Henry’s Fork Ranch is located on the banks of the lower Henry’s Fork.

Lakeside Lodge

 - Tyler_Lakeside

Lakeside Lodge has perfect accommodations for the tired fly fisherman.

Pond’s Lodge

 - Ponds_Kitchen

Pond’s Lodge recently fell into the the hands of new ownership and received a dramatic face lift.

The Pines (Phillips Lodge)

 - Pines_Kitchen

The Pines has very nice, new private cabins, a good restaurant, and a secluded location.