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Fishing Report

May 1, 2020 | Todd Lanning rowtod.jpg

Box Canyon


If this weather pattern continues I would guess that within a week one will be able to drive down to the ramp. The top half is good and so is the bottom half. The middle is still impassable. Along with that there is 1780cfs coming out of Island park reservoir. This is obviously going to slow the fishing down. We may see the flows come down over the next few days. Snow is going fast and we have had some pretty major rain/hail events. I was checking out some tributaries yesterday up north and got caught in a monster storm! Things got a little western to say the least. Stay tuned and as things change I will keep you updated.

Lower River

The lower was really fishing well. The Mother’s day caddis hatch was in full swing. Then the flows came up and came up big time. The river is over 5000cfs around Saint Anthony. Fishing down there has also become tough. Some guys are scratching out a few fish nymphing but overall it’s pretty tough sledding. Again stay tunned and I will keep you all updated as things change. Please don’t hesitate to call the shop with any questions you have.