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Fishing Report

May 13, 2021 | Mike Lawson 185289723_2823773567841954_1477906965244143690_n.jpg



Things are heating up on the Henry’s Fork. The question on everyone’s mind is are there salmon flies yet? The answer is no. Plenty going on but it’s day by day.

Box Canyon


The flows coming out of Island Park reservoir are 299 cfs. That means if you’re floating in your drift boat, plan on leaving some gel coat on the rocks. There is great news though. You can catch plenty of trout in the box without a drift boat. As a matter of fact you can fish a lot of water on the Henry’s Fork without a drift boat. There is a lot of public access on the river. I am guessing flows will come up soon. Black rubber legs is always a good bet this time of the year. I would also have Mike’s electric caddis nymphs. There are a good number caddis in the box canyon. If you can find fish rising I would have some Hemingway caddis. Size 16 and 14. Focus your nymph fishing in the drops and the troughs.

Lower River


The trout on the warm river to Ashton stretch are looking up! Plenty of trout are eating bobbers. So I would fish a Henry’s Fork foam stone and drop a black rubber leg. There are also March browns blue wings and caddis on the lower river. The dry fly fishing has been a little spotty. Some days are really good other days while there are plenty of bugs, not a lot of fish up. The warm overcast days have been the best. Still no sign of the big bugs down lower but that could change any minute.

South Fork


The flows on the South Fork are 10,500 cfs. They have been that way for a week and the fishing has been pretty solid on the South Fork. If you want to avoid the madness that is coming right up I think the South Fork is a good option. However keep an eye on the flows. They will come up at some point. Sooner than later would be my guess. There are plenty of blue wings around and it sounds like the streamer bite has been good. Remember with the streamers to have a good color selection.



The wade section is the place to be. Make sure to have a good supply of rubber legs if you plan on heading that direction. There is a little color in the river but it is fishing very well. Of course do not forget streamers. The word on the street is yellow. Always have a good color selection of streamers.