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Fishing Report

Aug 30, 2021 | Todd Lanning woodrd.jpeg



We have been having some great success on the Ranch these last couple of weeks. With the cooler weather came blue wings and mahoganies and fish are on them. The hopper bite remains strong in the Ranch and I think it will just get better as we come into September. The rain and cooler weather have been a blessing. There is a lot of aquatic vegetation in the ranch making landing big trout difficult to say the least and floating is also a bit of a challenge. Try to stay in the main channel or you may find yourself stuck on a weed bed. Trust me on this! Along with mahoganies and blue wings the tricos are also thick and again plenty of fish risings. Make sure you have plenty of terrestrials in your box. Remember the fall blue wings are a lot smaller than the ones you see in the spring so make sure to have blue wings in 18s and 20s. the mahoganies are a size 16.

Box Canyon


The Box remains a little on the challenging side. The water is a little off color and fishing seems to change day to day. Plan on going through a lot of different nymphs. A San Jaun worm has been the most consistent. I would also take streamers with you. Try fishing streamers under an indicator. Flows have fluctuated a bit with all the rain we have gotten but my guess is that flows will remain steady and decrease as irrigation demand wanes.

Lower River


As far as consistent fishing goes once again Warm River to Ashton continues to lead the charge. I do think with the cooler weather the float from Ora to Vernon is going to get better and better. The vegetation is thick down there but there are places where a streamer or nymph will work just fine.Of course, don’t forget hoppers.

South Fork


The South Fork is the place to be! If you are an early riser then you are in luck! The nocturnal stones are out and about so a first light float is worth your time! I would be on the water 15 minutes before light and as soon as you can see your fly, GO!!! It might be some of the best fishing you will have all summer. A Berrett’s golden stone will do the trick. Make sure to give the fly a little action.



The Hoot Owl hours are over on the Madison. The hopper bite has been amazing! It sounds like the fishing has been solid throughout the river system. Remember to bring your streamers with you! Try dead drifting streamers. I would also add some lighting bugs to your nymph selection.

Yellowstone Park


The Park should start improving as the weather cools down some. There are a few fish being caught in the Barnes Pools and sounds like the fire hole has been good in the mornings. Make sure to have white milller’s in the fly box. The North West corner continues to fish well and should just get better as things cool down. Swinging the Yellowstone river this time of the year can also be very good.