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Fishing Report

Jun 26, 2022 | Todd Lanning slutty.jpg

Strange Spring


It’s been an odd year on the Henry’s Fork. Water has fluctuating from low to high, Monsoon type rains have come and gone and then came back again. Hail, snow and high winds have complicated things and to top it all off the North end of Yellowstone Park tried to wash away! I have been asking myself on the drive home (dodging elk, deer and crazy drivers!) what is going to happen next!? Then I quickly remind myself to NEVER ask that question!!



There are a few that are scratching fish out here and there but I would say for that for the most part the Ranch has been tough. Hatches are behind schedule and unpredictable. I have witnessed great hatches of March browns and caddis with little to no trout feeding. Go back the next day and see the same hatch and trout up all over. There are days with bugs and days without bugs. I don’t have the answer as to why this is going on. I do keep a log at home and one of the things that is different this year is water temps are a little down compared to water temps last year at this time. If you are planning on a day in the Ranch, I would have some caddis. The caddis have been fairly consistent. I would have the tan spent partridge caddis in a size 18, The peacock splitsville caddis in a size 18. Bring some bigger caddis patterns as well. A 14 Hemmingway caddis or 14 splitsville is also a great idea. Tensions are high at the log jam. Relax a little. If an angler is fishing to a rising fish, then let him fish. I understand we are dealing with some folks that feel entitled but nobody has a right to approach another angler who is fishing to a rising fish and wreck opportunity. Go find another fish. Once again be good to one another. The Ranch is a holy place please be respectful to one another.

Box Canyon


Flows have been up and down in the box and fishing has followed suit. Some days have been really good while others have been tough. The current flows are 588 cfs and will most likely stay in that range as irrigation demand has been low. Looking at the weather report for the coming week I would guess that demand will increase soon and water levels should start to come up. I would have Duracell nymphs and bullet quills. Have some golden stone flies with you and don’t forget rubber legs. I always like to have some streamers handy. Keep an eye on the flows and get on the water and have a great day!

Warm River To Ashton


The Warm River to Ashton section has started to fish a little more consistent. I said to plan on flows coming up at some point in the following week as irrigation The water may be a little off color for a few days but fishing should start to get really good soon down there. We have had some good days dropping a Duracell about a foot below a Henrys fork foam golden stone. Plenty of caddis and green drakes are around. I have seen pmds in good numbers. I think in the next couple of weeks things should start to improve.

Ashton to Saint Anthony


Things are really starting to pick up in this section. Flaves and green drakes are around in good numbers and fish are eating them here and there. There are also pmds in good numbers. It has been a little tough finding fish up and eating all these bugs. I am a glass half full guy so all I can think is these fish are going to start looking up! I don’t want to sound like a broken record here but the things I am seeing down there are just plain wrong! I watched a feller who had waded out in the river and was fishing out in the middle of the river. No problem right. As soon as a boat approached this guy would turn around and start fishing in the exact opposite bank making it impossible for the boat to pass on either side of him. Why on earth would someone do something like that? The guy in the boat did everything right the guy wading did not! Once again be good to one another and stop this behavior none of us own the river. Its public water and if to busy down there, then pack up and go somewhere else. There is a lot of water to fish down there. If you head down there make sure you have flaves, flave spinners and green drakes. Pmds and caddis are also a great idea. I would also suggest rusty spinners in various




The Teton is really starting to look good. As of today I don’t have a report as I have not been over there but stay tunned as I am planning a trip This week.

South Fork


The South Fork has really been fishing very well. Fish are eating on the banks and in the rifles. I have seen green drakes and blue wing olives and I would guess that salmon flies are right around the corner. If flows stay the same for the next little bit fishing should get better and better. If I could go anywhere right now, I would hit the South Fork. Take the usual nymphs like zebra midges and rubber legs. Duracell’s and bullet quills and mic drops have also worked well. Take foam stones and some green drakes with you.