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Fishing Report

Apr 19, 2012 | Mike Lawson

We're definitely starting to ramp up efforts around the shop. Spring cleaning has begun and boxes of new merchandise have started pilling up. More anglers are stopping by to renew their fishing licenses and purchase flies in anticipation for the good spring hatches that have already appeared on the Henry's Fork.

This year you'll notice that we've made a few changes to the fly shop layout. We'll be dedicating more of the upstairs floor space for fly tying material and the beloved fish tanks have found a new home at the South Fork Lodge. There may be a few unhappy coffee drinkers that will be disappointed to see that we've dismembered our espresso bar, but will continue to offer drip coffee to visiting anglers and customers. Now the space previously dedicated for the espresso bar will be used as a sitting area where you can read a book from our expanded fly fishing library. 

We're really excited about the upcoming season and always look forward to seeing old angling friends and making new ones!

The Upper Henry’s Fork

Even though access is still difficult, there have been good hatches of midges and Baetis with plenty of action near the bridge at Mack’s Inn. If the fish aren’t rising try glo-bugs or zebra midge nymphs. Ice has also started coming off around the McCrea's Bridge area with anglers catching quality trout.

There is still too much snow to drive in to the boat launch below the dam at the Box Canyon. However, the snow is going fast and it won’t be long until the access is open. Use the normal Box Canyon flies including egg patterns, zebra midge nymphs, leeches, and sculpins. There have been good fish feeding in the flat water at Last Chance on Baetis and midges. Streamers can also score big if the fish aren’t up on the surface.

The Harriman Park is closed until June 15th.

Warm River to Ashton

Both boat accesses are open on this stretch. There is also plenty of good wading access. We've heard reports of the "Mother's Day Caddis" starting to make their appearance around the Warm River confluence. This is a great stretch to target these Caddis and will be my float of choice this upcoming weekend. However, we'll need to keep an eye on Warm River which can start to turning off-color with the rising air temperatures.

Use egg patterns, zebra midge nymphs, rubberlegs, leeches and streamers if there are no caddis on top.

Ashton Tailwater

The stretch from the Ashton Dam to the Vernon Bridge is closed until the general fishing season opens on May 26th.

Fishing has been very productive from the Vernon Bridge to the Chester Dam. Look for Baetis hatches at mid-day and midges once the air temperature get warm enough during day hours. March Brown mayflies should also start appearing soon.

Fall River has been inconsistently off-color due to the warming and cooling trends in the area. That means that fishing below Chester might be a gamble. But for what it's worth, there have been huge flocks of birds flying close to the river surface up river of the Fun Farm Bridge and we all know what that means...bugs!


Reports of good caddis action on the Warm River.

Fall River is off-color.

South Fork of the Snake

Flows were holding steady at 10,000 CFS over the course of last week and have now dropped to 8,000 CFS. This is still well above the normal for this time of the year and we should see some more fluctuation due to the need for making room for the spring runoff.

Madison River

Most of the river within reasonable range of Henry’s Fork Anglers is closed to fishing until May 19th. The river is open to fishing between Hebgen and Quake Lake. It can get crowded but we've heard good reports. Use egg patterns, zebra midge nymphs, and rubberleg nymphs.

Area Lakes

Henry's Lake is closed until the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend.

Reports of ice starting to come off the north end of Quake Lake and Hebgen Lake.

Yellowstone National Park

Fishing is closed until May 26, 2012.