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Fishing Report

May 31, 2017 | Todd Lanning Mark_Brown_Salmonflies.jpg

Box Canyon

The Box has really been fishing well over this past week. We have been seeing salmon flies and caddis. The dry fly fishing in the Box has been very good on the lower half. The flows have come down to 480 cfs and should stay that way through the weekend. It’s still floatable at 480 cfs. I would have the usual as far as nymphs go. Black Rubberlegs and small bead heads. We have a new Pattern in the shop called the Red Neck not to be confused with Chris Lawson. This little bead head has proven very effective in the Box. I suggest #16 and #18 Rednecks and also olive #16 and #18 Zebra Midges. #6 and #8 black Rubberlegs will also work very well. The key in the Box is to get your nymphs to the fish. If you’re using a bobber just keep adjusting the depth your fishing until you find where you need to be. Don’t be afraid to use a little shot if need be.

Henry's Fork Canyon


​There are Salmonflies in the section from Riverside Campground downstream through the canyon to Warm River. There is good walk in access if you don’t mind a steep hike. You can get walk in access at Hatchery Ford and Sheep Falls from Highway 20. You can also get to the river at Wood Road #11, Hatchery Ford, Wood Road #6 (FS #151) and the old Bear Gulch ski area.

Lower Henry's Fork


The lower river just continues to improve. We have started to see some golden Stones. I am guessing that Green Drakes are not too far off. We have been having great days from cardiac canyon all the way down to Saint Anthony. If you want to escape the crowds I would go from Chester down to fun farm. The key with that float is to keep an eye on the Fall River. The fall is putting some color into the river and if you look on the flow chart you will see it is on its way back up. As of this morning it has come up to 2738 cfs. This will slow down the fishing as it will bring down water temps but if we get a cool spell then it will go back down and you can have some great fishing in that stretch of the river. As far as fly patterns go I would have Henry’s Fork Foam Stones # 4 and # 6 I would also have some Henry’s Fork Foam Golden Stone in #6. Some #16 tan E-Z Caddis is also a good idea. There are also a few March Browns around and there has been a good spinner fall in the evenings in the back waters. As far as nymphs go I would have #16 Rednecks and #6 black Rubberlegs. I would also have a few #14 Pheasant Tails.

South Fork

The South Fork is starting to clear and the fishing has been good. I wish I could tell you what is going to happen with flows but that seem to be a bit of a mystery. If you plan on visiting the South Fork keep an eye on the flows. A big bump always shuts the fishing down for a day or two. There is not much going on in the way of dry fly fishing but the nymphing has been very good this past week. Black or brown Rubberlegs has been the key on the south fork. #6 and #8 Rubberlegs fished on the banks will do the trick.

Teton River

The Teton has been like the Fall River. Very unpredictable flows. I think it may be awhile until the Teton comes into shape. When it does I think the Teton is going to be an amazing place to be this summer!

Madison River

The walk wade section has been fishing very well. There is still some color to the water but don’t let that scare you away. I would also go have a look between the lakes. The key right know is once again to keep an eye on the flows. Flows are up so wading is going to be a little tricky. I don’t have much to say as far as dry fly fishing goes but nymphing has been really good. I would have Rubberlegs and if the water is off color than break out the San Juan Worm.

Yellowstone Park


The park opened this weekend and from what I heard fishing was a little tough. The Fire Hole is probably the place to be as things heat up in the park. Look for blue wing olives on the fire hole and I also really like to fish soft hackles in both the Madison and the Fire hole. The caddis are just getting started in the park and I imagine with the way the weather has been this week that the fishing in the park might be worth a look. I would have #16 and #18 BWO Nohackles and I would also have partridge and orange soft hackles. Small bead heads like Zebra Midges and Lighting Bugs are also a good Idea. Also remember you can get your park licenses here at the shop.