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Apr 30, 2018 | Mike Lawson Tarpon_Jump.jpg

Back in the old days I hosted a lot of trips to faraway places. I took groups to Alaska, New Zealand, Christmas Island, Mexico, Belize, Canada, South America and a few other fun fishing spots. Hosting trips provided the only opportunity I had to explore other areas and sample new horizons with my fly rod. I especially enjoyed these trips which provided an opportunity to share time with friends and customers who I could only spend time here on the Henry’s Fork on a limited basis. These trips also brought a realization of the blessing it has been for me to have lived my entire life on one of the premier trout fisheries in the world.


Working directly with individual lodges and outfitters required a tremendous amount of research and time in an effort to make sure that all the bases were covered to ensure that everyone had a quality trip and the experience lived up to expectations. The growth of our business eventually put so much demand on my time and personal resources that I stopped hosting trips.

About 20 years ago Jim Klug and Ian Davis partnered to form Yellow Dog Fly Fishing Adventures based in Bozeman, Montana. I have taken several trips on a personal level with Yellow Dog and they have never failed to cover ALL of the bases from pre-trip planning, travel arrangements, personal recommendations, and complete information on the destination, food, accommodations and most of all, the fishing. I can assure you that I never would have stopped taking hosted trips had Yellow Dog been in existence early on.


With the tremendous travel resources through Yellow Dog Fly fishing we have jumped back into take hosted trips in a big way. While not an official Henry’s Fork Anglers hosted trip I am excited to be joining my oldest son Shaun when he will host a trip to Cuba this May. This November our assistant manager, Todd Lanning, is hosting a trip to Playa Blanca in Mexico. Last January Henry’s Fork Anglers guide Andy Jenkins went to Brazil to fish for Peacock Bass. He had such a terrific time that he immediately set up a trip to go back. He will be hosting this trip January 26 – February 1, 1019. I will be back in the game in August 2019 when I will host a small group to fish for Golden Dorado in the jungles of Bolivia. I can’t wait.


There are many advantages to a hosted trip versus doing it on your own. Along with utilization of the incredible resources of Yellow Dog Fly Fishing, you will be with a group that has much in common. You will have both Yellow Dog and Henry’s Fork Anglers both focused on making sure your trip lives up to or exceeds your expectations. Remember, this isn’t our first rodeo. We’ve been in the travel business for a long, long time.

You can find detailed information on our hosted trips on the events page on our website. Here is a brief summary of the hosted trips that are now on the books. We will continue to add additional opportunities as we move forward.



Hosted by Shaun Lawson, joined by Mike Lawson
Dates: May 19 – 26, 2018
Destination: Jardines de la Reina
Species: Tarpon, bonefish, permit, barracuda, jacks, other saltwater flats species
Capacity: 14
Duration: 6 days / 7 nights
Cost: $6300.00



Hosted by Todd Lanning
Dates: May 19 – 26, 2018
Destination: Pesca Maya
Species: Tarpon, bonefish, permit, barracuda, jacks, other saltwater flats species
Capacity: 22
Duration: 6 days / 7 nights
Cost: $3172.00



Hosted by Andy Jenkins
Dates: January 26 – February 1, 2019
Destination: Agua Boa Amazon Lodge
Species: Peacock Bass, three species, other jungle freshwater gamefish
Capacity: 12
Duration: 6.5 days / 7 nights
Cost: $6150.00



Hosted by Mike Lawson
Dates: August 8 – 16, 2019
Destination: Tsimane Secure Lodge
Species: Golden Dorado, pacu, other freshwater jungle species
Capacity: 6
Duration: 6 days / 7 nights
Cost: $5380.00